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 Wednesday, May 02, 2012

25 reasons why London will be voting for Boris Johnson tomorrow

1) He's a laugh, isn't he?
2) He's not Ken. Anyone but Ken.
3) Boris recognises the importance of the City to the capital's economy. Unless you give bankers a break, their wealth will never trickle down to the rest of us.
4) When Boris costs you more, his spending plans add up. When Boris looks at his opponents' spending plans, they clearly don't.
5) Boris isn't afraid to swear at journalists on TV. You've got to f**king respect the man.
6) The many achievements of the last four years speak for themselves. Expect more of the same.
7) It's a matter of trust. Ken is a tax-avoiding crook, whereas all of Boris's millions were legitimately earned.
8) Boris created that new shiny bus that Londoners genuinely love. So far there are only two, but the third enters service on Saturday, just in time for a victory photoshoot.
9) Ken is a man from the past. Boris is a Prime Minister of the future.
10) Boris delivers key infrastructure projects, such as the cable car, which will transform the commuting experience of dozens of Londoners.
11) The Evening Standard - London's entirely independent newspaper - is backing Boris for Mayor. They're not being partisan or party political, they've said so. They've simply judged his policies and come to an objective decision.
12) The choice is between going back to the high tax, high spending creed of a bunch of taxpayer funded, Ch√Ęteauneuf-du-Pape swilling, Outer London ignoring, car hating, semi-reformed Trotsyisksts and bendy bus fetishists whose approach to Government helped to get this country into this economic mess, or going forward with sensible, moderate and cost-effective government that invests in our future.
13) Boris can get money out of the Government, because he knows the men at the top. It always makes economic sense to vote for a Mayor from the ruling national party.
14) Boris will increase the number of police on the beat, because the best way to cut crime is to make people feel safer.
15) You wouldn't want Ken waving that flag in the Olympic Closing Ceremony, would you? He's not globally photogenic in the way that Boris is.
16) Boris has no truck with the tube unions. That might mean more strikes now, but you wait until he introduces driverless trains - that'll show them!
17) Boris understands cyclists, and he understands drivers, and he fully understands which of the two should have priority.
18) He knows the price of a pint of milk. He's not an out-of-touch posh guy.
19) Depending on how you measure it, crime rose under Ken Livingstone. Depending on how you measure it, crime has fallen under Boris Johnson.
20) Boris won't cut fares, because that would be irresponsible. What Londoners truly want is continuing investment, and higher fares.
21) Boris doesn't do much, but that's what you want in a Mayor isn't it? Change is always expensive, and rarely for the better.
22) He's going to win anyway, so it's pointless voting for anyone else.
23) There are some other people standing for Mayor, apparently. I forget what their names are.
24) He's a laugh, isn't he?
25) add your own Boris-boosting reason here

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