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 Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some people don't take No for an answer.

I said No, and I hoped it was obvious I'd said No, but maybe it wasn't.
I said No, well I think I said No, I sort of said No, maybe I wasn't quite explicit enough in saying No, I paraphrased it, I used all sorts of language that I thought hinted very strongly at saying No but didn't actually come out and use the exact word, I skirted round it slightly, I said something about it not being possible, I said something about this not being my preferred course of action, I said it wasn't an option, I said this was going no further, I said I couldn't see the circumstances under which my answer would be Yes, I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, I didn't want to state my position quite that bluntly, not out loud, not in black and white, but I meant it, I meant No, definitely No, abso-bloody-lutely No, that's what I thought I said, I'm sure I said No, I thought that was obvious, but maybe it didn't quite come across.
Maybe my No was entirely obvious but it's been ignored.
Some people don't want to hear the word No, it goes against their plans, it doesn't fit in with their agenda, they've had all these ideas based on the certain knowledge that you'll say Yes, of course you'll say Yes, why wouldn't you say Yes, anyone in a similar position would say Yes, so No is not an option, No could never happen, you haven't said No before, why should you mean No now, No cannot be permitted, let's carry on as if No was never spoken, let's assume the answer was Yes, let's continue along the chosen path, not your chosen path but their chosen path, because you might change your mind, you might come round, you might switch back to Yes given the right encouragement, surely everybody's persuadable, because obviously you said No but meant Yes, let's pretend that the last No never happened, a mere aberration, we'll not discuss it again... so, about that Yes...
I said No, and I meant No.
I'm good like that. It may take me a while but when I make a decision I stick to it, come down one side or the other and stay there, stand my ground, hold fast, even in the face of temptation (no, I am not taking that, thanks), even when presented with an opportunity (sure, there's money in it, but why would I?), even when all around me are doing the opposite (I still won't, if you don't mind), even when common sense dictates otherwise (sorry, I've promised myself I never will), even when it might appear to be to my advantage (trust me on this, I can see a downside you can't), even when any sane human might leap at the chance (I don't think the same way as normal people on this, do I?), even if you can see no reason why I'd be so stubborn (trust me, it's a matter of conscience), even when the truth hurts (look, you can blub your eyes out as much as you like, but we don't have a long-term future), I'm not doing it, it's for the best, I'm not budging, I'm not changing my mind, I said No, I meant No. No.
I think I may have to say No again. No, really.

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