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 Thursday, November 03, 2011

If you'd been watching television in its first weeks, 75 years ago in November 1936, what might you have seen?

BBC television
Wed 18 Nov 1936

3.0 Programme Summary
3.5 Modern Galleries Potteries and Sculpture (with commentary by John Piper)
3.20 Film
3.30 Interval (Time, Weather)
3.35 London Characters Gypsy Petulengro and W.J. Smith The Whistling Guard (interviewed by Leslie Baily)
3.50 Movietone Magic Carpets Land of the Nile
4.0 Close

9.0 Mostly a repeat of all the same stuff (but with Rosina Dixon - the Singing Cook - and Jack O'Brien - a Ganger)
10.0 Close
BBC television
Thu 19 Nov 1936

3.0 Programme Summary
3.5 The Mask Theatre Masks by Elise Passavant (with the BBC Television Orchestra)
3.20 Film
3.30 Wireless Transmitter Valves The various stages in the construction of Radio Transmitter Valves (described by Leslie Mitchell)
3.45 Interval (Time, Weather)
3.50 Nina Devitt (Cabaret Artist)
4.0 Close

9.0 Mostly a repeat of all the same stuff (but with Suzanne McClay - Cabaret Artist)
10.0 Close
BBC television
Fri 20 Nov 1936

3.0 Programme Summary
3.5 Women's Interests A Laundry Demonstration - Mrs Daisy Pain will give some tips about ironing (This is a practical demonstration by a practical woman, and an experienced laundress)
3.20 Film
3.30 Vivienne Brooks (with the BBC Concert Orchestra)
3.50 Movietone Magic Carpets Fisherman's Fortune
4.0 Close

9.0 Mostly a repeat of all the same stuff (but with Impressions of Film Stars by Bubbles Stewart)
10.0 Close
BBC television
Sat 21 Nov 1936

3.0 Programme Summary
3.5 Gardening Demonstration Autumn Pruning (with C.H. Middleton, the well known broadcaster, in his first Television appearance)
3.20 Film
3.30 Interval (Time, Weather)
3.35 Starlight Claude Dampier (The Professional Idiot)
3.50 Movietone Magic Carpets Fisherman's Fortune
4.0 Close

9.0 Mostly a repeat of all the same stuff (but with cabaret from Edward Cooper at the piano)
10.0 Close

Not forgetting such classics as...
Mon 17 Nov: Inn Signs Through The Ages Some examples of inn signs from the exhibition now being held at the Building Centre (described by Fred Taylor R.I.)
Tue 8 Dec: A Demonstration by The Women's League of Health and Beauty (led by Prunella Bagot Stack)
Sat 2 Jan: Winter Sports Commander Jack Shirley will give hints to beginners in ski-ing (Mannequin display arranged by H.E. Plaister)
Thu 14 Jan: Home Affairs A discussion between the Rt. Hon. Herbert Morrison M.P., and John Hilton on London's Green Belt (with maps and diagrams)
Sat 23 Jan: The White Coons Concert Party (arranged by Harry S. Pepper and Doris Arnold)

And then by 1986, in 50th anniversary week, here's how things had changed.

Mon 3 Nov 1986
Mon 3 Nov 1986
6.0 Ceefax AM
6.50 Breakfast Time (with Sally Magnusson and Guy Michelmore)
9.5 Animal Crackers (with Lucinda Lambton)
9.45 One in Four Disabled magazine
10.0 Neighbours Jim explains to Scott how serious things are
10.30 Play School (with Carol Chell and Floella Benjamin)
10.55 Five to Eleven (with Joanna Lumley)
11.0 Gardeners' World (with Percy Thrower and Geoff Hamilton)
11.30 Open Air (with Bob Wellings, Pattie Coldwell and Eamonn Holmes)
12.25 Star Memories Nick Ross talks to Penelope Keith
1.0 One O'Clock News (with Martyn Lewis)
1.25 Neighbours Kim takes drastic action
1.50 Bric-a-Brac (with Brian Cant)
2.0 The Clothes Show (with Selina Scott)
2.30 The Onedin Line The crew is struck down with ship's fever
3.20 Valerie David needs a job
3.50-5.35 Children's BBC (with Phillip Schofield)
3.55 Pie In The Sky
4.10 Wizbit
4.20 The Mysterious Cities of Gold
4.45 Beat The Teacher
5.0 John Craven's Newsround
5.5 Blue Peter (with Janet Ellis, Peter Duncan and Mark Curry)
5.35 Masterteam (with Angela Rippon)
6.0 Six O'Clock News (with Sue Lawley and Nicholas Witchell)
6.35 Look North (with Harry Gration)
7.0 Wogan
7.35 Life on Earth part 10, Themes and Variations (with David Attenborough)
8.30 Brush Strokes Jacko develops his outside interests
9.0 Nine O'Clock News (with John Humphrys)
9.30 Panorama Cervical Cancer
10.10 The Monday Film The Money Movers
11.40 Championship Bowling from the Guild Hall, Preston
12.10 Weather and Closedown
BBCtv today celebrates 50 years of television

9.0 Pages from Ceefax
9.38-2.35 Daytime on Two Programmes for schools and colleges
2.35 Sign Extra Discovering Birds (with Tony Soper)
3.0 Championship Bowling from the Guild Hall, Preston
6.0 The Rag Trade (TV50 repeat, from 1962)
6.30 Dr Finlay's Casebook (TV50 repeat, from 1964)
7.20 The Mike Yarwood Christmas Show 1978 (TV50 repeat, from 1978)
8.5 Horizon The Crab Nebula (TV50 repeat, from 1971)
9.0 Fawlty Towers Basil the Rat (TV50 repeat, from 1979)
9.35 Edna the Inebriate Woman (TV50 repeat, from 1977)
11.0 Newsnight
11.45 Late Night Line Up (with Joan Bakewell)
12.20 Weatherview and Closedown

(Come on, surely everybody keeps old copies of the Radio Times from 1986? Just me then?)

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