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 Saturday, December 10, 2011

Five years ago today, I joined Twitter.

Concerned that this might be pointlessly addictive.
posted by diamondgeezer [10:15 AM Dec 10th, 2006]

I didn't realise what I was getting myself into, I simply signed up because it looked interesting. Twitter didn't take off properly until early 2009, which makes 2006 the digital equivalent of the stone age. Who knew it would become an integral part of daily life for so many?

There weren't many users in those days, and the whole microblogging thing was a bit niche. I was the 54,943rd person to join Twitter, just behind mike (50,113) and well behind Ann (12,496). Join up today and you'll be number 433,187,146.
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Whatever you think of Twitter, the one thing it's done is to bring millions of people's private lives out into the open. Five years ago I didn't have a clue what you were eating for lunch, which bus you were stuck on, what you thought of tonight's X Factor or how your current relationship was going. Now you tell me everything about your life, sharing intimate details and heartfelt opinions, all broadcast freely like it was the most natural thing in the world. How quickly we evolve.

I'm still not playing the broadcast game, but I appear to be in the minority. I tell you only selective stuff about what I'm doing, which is why I've still only reached a total of 1547 tweets. But some of you are on 5000, or 18000, or 34000, or even more. You're treating Twitter as an internal monologue, or as external conversation, blowing all vestiges of privacy clean out of the water. I bet you never planned to do that when you set out.

One area where the designers of Twitter have been particularly cunning in opening up public conversation is in their belittling of private communication. Sending a Direct Message is easy enough, but Twitter appears to have gone out of its way to ensure the recipient will never notice. No front page indication appears when a message is received - not a flag, not a digit, not a flashing noise, nothing. Even if you think to click through to the messages tab, which you probably won't, the layout ensures that any additional latest message is incredibly hard to spot. So inefficient is the inbuilt DM system that people learn not to rely on it, shifting all private conversations into the public arena. Our collective changed mindset is to "tell the world everything", which is just what advertisers (and stalkers) always hoped.

I'm not sure I'll ever get that far. I've averaged 0.8 tweets a day over five years, which isn't enough to establish any sort of coherent dialogue. I choose not to tweet about my blog very much, because I don't think you need reminding every time I've posted something. I choose not to tweet about where precisely I am, or what I think of that witch on Question Time, or to engage in open conversation, because I don't think that's wise. I don't retweet news stories, because I assume you could have read them elsewhere on the net if you were interested. I'm not playing the game. But thanks ever so much if you're following me, and I hope I occasionally say something interesting enough to make it all worthwhile.
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