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 Saturday, March 03, 2012

London Connections quiz (answers)

Last Saturday I presented you with ten lists and asked you to uncover the connecting location in each case. Didn't you do well? I was mildly overwhelmed by entries, thanks, and I've used the best of these to generate the list of correct connections below. Well done if you got all, or most, of them correct. But I bet you weren't quite this accurate...

1) by tube: Bakerloo, District, Hammersmith & City
Answer: Paddington Underground Station(s) (although given that the H&C is physically some distance from the District one could (just) argue Edgware Road (two separate stations) would also fit the bill) (Stephen Hosking)

2) by bus: N5, 32, 79
Answer: Edgware Station - specifically stop G seems to be the only one served by all three routes, although they all run along Station Road for a short distance. (Tim Lidbetter)

3) by water: Regent's Canal, River Tyburn
Answer: Charlbert Bridge in Regents Park where the Tyburn River Crosses the Regents Canal in an aqueduct. (Peter Watmore)

4) by rail: Tramlink, Southern, Southeastern
Answer: Beckenham Junction (but used to be East Croydon) (Mark Bestley)

5) by foot: Jubilee Greenway, Lea Valley Walk, Capital Ring
Answer: Northern Outfall Sewer Bridge over the Lee Navigation - Greenway (Anders Hanson)
Answer: Where Lea Navigation and Old River Lee meet, Greenway crosses overhead, just west of Olympic Stadium and Old Ford Nature Reserve. (David Fisher)

6) by postcode: E, N, EN
Answer: A point in the William Girling Reservoir roughly a quarter of the way down (north-south) and three-fifths of the way across (west-east) (Jonathan Wadman)

7) by borough: Bromley, Croydon, Lambeth, Southwark
Answer: Crystal Palace Parade, although it is actually two triple points a hundred yards or so apart - Bromley/Lambeth/Southwark at the junction of the Parade with Farquhar Road, and Bromley/Croydon/Lambeth at the junction of the Parade with Church Road, Anerley Hill, and Westow Hill. (Tim Lidbetter)
Answer: Crystal Palace (junctions of Crystal Palace Parade with Farquhar Road / Westow Hill (which are slightly separated from each other so Southwark doesn't quite meet Croydon)) (it's a pity that Lewisham doesn't extend a little further south as then no fewer than 5 boroughs could meet at the same point!) (Stephen Hosking)

8) by road: Westway, Fairway, Station Square
Answer: Petts Wood - the Daylight Inn is on the corner (Tim Lidbetter)
Answer: Near Petts Wood Station, in Orpington. Slightly to the East of the Station. (Anne Davies)

9) by trunk road: A3, A10, A3211
Answer: King William Street on the northern approach to London Bridge where it bridges Lower Thames Street, near the Monument (Darryl McCarthy)
Answer: Bank/Monument Station - technically these three roads don't actually meet with the A3211 running along the river and the A10 and A3 meeting at Bank Station. There is a direct connection between the A3 and A10 and the A3 and A3211 but not the A10 and A3211 (David Field)
Answer: Historically the Bank of England junction (King William Street, Threadneedle Street, Queen Victoria Street), but recent changes mean they now don't actually meet, as the A3211 (Upper/Lower Thames Street) passes under the A3 (King William Street, the northern approach to London Bridge) south of the Monument junction, which is where the A3 meets Gracechurch Street (the A10) (Tim Lidbetter)

10) by motorway: Mx, My (where x and y are two numbers to be determined)
Answer: Tricky. Very, very tricky. I *think* technically, that there is only one point in Greater London where 2 motorways meet, and I think it's only by a gnat's whisker. I'm going for the M4/M25 intersection, junction 4B of the M4, jct 15 of the M25. (Anne Davies)
Answer: M4, M25 - jct 4B (M4), jct 15 (M25), A section of the slip road from M25 onto M4 Eastbound and a section of the slip road from the M4 Westbound onto the M25, adjacent to Harmondsworth Moor. (David Field)
Not my answer: Now that the motorways meeting at Western Circus (A40(M)/ M41) have both been downgraded to A roads (A40/A3220), the only junction between motorways entirely within Greater London is M25 junction 4 (between the M4 main line and the Heathrow spur, also numbered M4 - so x=y=4) M4 junction 4B/M25 j15 is on the boundary between Greater London, Slough and Buckinghamshire - it is not possible to negotiate this junction without crossing a boundary, even travelling from westbound M4 to southbound M25 you pass very briefly through a corner of Slough. (Tim)

I've scored the entrants according to how closely they matched my answers (which is not necessarily the same as being correct!). Twelve people scored nine out of ten (well done Mike, David Field, James, Anne, Tim, Simon, Darryl, Anders, Ian, Peter W, Mark and Brian) (tripped up mostly by the last question). And four people scored the full ten (congratulations to Stephen Hosking, Jonathan Wadman, David Fisher and Peter Gosling). To pick the winner, in line with the stated tiebreaker, I checked to see which of these four gave the most detailed, accurate answers. And the judge's decision is that Stephen just edged out David, so well done Stephen.

For his prize, Stephen requests a mention for a charity he supports, and ably assists, and indeed once raised £2000 for (by undertaking a six-day trip from John O'Groats to Land's End by scheduled bus services). That'll be OCD-UK, an independent charity working with and for almost one million children and adults whose lives are affected by Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). I'd guess that several readers of this blog might think it a body worthy of support, or even find its services invaluable.

We should do another one of these sometime...

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