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 Saturday, April 27, 2013

Four blogs I've not previously mentioned
  • thamesfacingeast: "The blog to find out about the Thames east of the City of London" ...which means a lot of grey estuarine stuff, from Greenwich-ish towards Southend and Thanet. Rest assured the writing's not as flat as the landscape.
  • 101 London Museums: Nicky's visiting 101 of the capital's museums, and blogging about them. Medium to larger so far, but London has so many museums there's no chance of running out. (Not coming soon, 101 Ipswich Museums)
  • Modernist Estates: Thinking of moving house? Keen to live in a modernist brutalist concrete box? I know you are. This tumblr's keeping track of the estate agents' details.
  • Up Your Street: "Information-sharing service for seniors on the perimeters of the Olympic and Paralympic Games site 2012". Think of it as a listings service for the community in Hackney and the Lower Lea Valley, packed with cheap joining-in social events rather than glossy pop-up cocktail bars. Post-youth East Enders should look in.

    Four blogs in the middle of stuff
  • Round the north we go: Scott's the one trying to visit (actually visit) every station on the Northern Rail network, you may remember. He's just back from an epic trip round the Cumbrian coast, and is part way through an equally epic write-up.
  • 150 great things about the Underground: Ian's ongoing list of the network's finest features isn't in any particular order, but surely number 100 will be a cracker. He's up to 99.
  • London buses: one bus at a time: The numbers are done, and now The Ladies Who Bus are ploughing through the letters. Ealing is complete, so now there's a brief spell of Dagenham and Hampstead before they hit Hillingdon.
  • The Model Villager: Tim loves model villages, and is stacking up posts about them ready to publish. Hopefully he'll show us the second one shortly.

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