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 Friday, May 23, 2014

Thanks for your 100+ comments about photographs. Let's see what you said.

So I just wondered, do you prefer the larger or the smaller photos, or is there a reason why one of those doesn't work well on your device?

» I prefer them larger (16)
» I prefer them smaller (7)
» I don't mind either size (4)
» I'm not here for the photos (3)

That's a firm win for the larger size of photo, although admittedly on a rather small sample. You like the larger size because you can see more detail, although many of you are happier with the smaller size when the image is merely incidental to the text.
"I also like it if you have also made the thumbnail a link to the photo source, so clicking on it will give the full size version."
Well yes, that's a very useful bit of additional functionality. But I should say, I don't always do that. The size of photo you see on the blog is exactly the size I've uploaded to Blogger - there is no larger version lurking under the bonnet. If the photo's on Flickr then yes, I do generally link through to there, but otherwise clicking on a photo won't make it any bigger. Hmm, I wonder if I could, or should, change that.
"Could you wrap text around the larger version?"
I don't do this because, as the commenter goes on to say, "I appreciate this might bugger up layouts on smaller screens with larger images". Indeed I made the decision many years ago that no element on my blog would be wider than about 400 pixels. Back then it was because people had 800x600 screen resolutions, but today's smartphone screens are even narrower.
"If you're going to not wrap text around larger images, I'd prefer them to be centred."
Oh I'm not sure about that, I've always thought left-aligned looked best. But maybe that comes down to how wide my screen is, and how wide your screen is.

So I just wondered, do you mind the quartered photos, indeed do you actually quite like them, or am I wasting my time posting photos that are much too small?

» I like quartered photos (24)
» I don't like quartered photos (11)
» I don't mind either size (5)

That's a firm win for quartered photos... perhaps not all the time, but as and when appropriate. Many of you see them as a good way to get an overall feel for a place or a journey, which was always the intention. But they're not popular with all of you, indeed some of you detest their complexity, and also the fact you can't click through to four separate photos.
"Great for flavour, need to ensure the pictures aren't too detailed though."
I don't pick my quartered photos for their simplicity, so I'm aware that sometimes the overall picture gets rather busy, sorry.
"You probably could lay a different link upon every quarter by applying an HTML image map with <map> and <area>."
Ah now that's interesting. I should look into that.

So I just wondered, do you look at my photos on Flickr, indeed do you even notice they're there, or is it a site you'd never visit and would you prefer more of those photos here where everyone can see them?

» I look on Flickr (18)
» I sometimes look on Flickr (15)
» I don't look on Flickr (7)

Of those people who answered, the great majority do click through to look at my photos on Flickr. Some deliberately hunt for links, while others much prefer it when I go out of my way to make the complete selection explicit. But the counts on my individual Flickr photos suggest that the great majority of readers don't click through... and why should you?
"It's sometimes disappointing when I mouse over an interesting blog image without a link to Flickr."
I don't put all my blog's photos on Flickr, only the better ones, plus those with geographic or social importance. Equally I don't put all the photos on Flickr on my blog. They're two parallel streams, with a fair bit of overlap, but by no means all.
"What does annoy me though is when I click through only to find it's the same image that is already on the screen! I generally click through expecting something that didn't actually make it into the final cut for the main page."
Some of you like to see a larger version of the photo when you click through, whereas others want to see a fresh different image. I should perhaps make it more obvious which is which.
"Yes I click through sometimes. I also have you as a contact on Flickr so sometimes view direct from there. Sometimes it is a useful preview of a future post!"
Damn, I've been caught out. Yes, I always upload the photos before I publish the post.

So I just wondered, are there any small but functional cameras you might recommend within a reasonable price range, or should I just carry on with my iPhone because it's good enough?

» Keep using your iPhone (13)
» Recommend something else (13)

So that's a fairly even split. Many of you think the iPhone's photo quality is damned good, and it is indeed much sharper than my last ordinary camera. But many of you recognised its limitations, and recommended other cameras I might acquire to fill the gap. Your suggestions included the Canon Ixus, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Nikon Coolpix, but especially the Panasonic Lumix TZ series (the latter getting seven positive nods). So maybe that's where I'll look next. And if you keep clicking through, perhaps you'll notice the difference one day soon.

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