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 Thursday, November 21, 2019

Factors influencing different types of public convenience

1.   Location
separate building    room    sealed-off space    pod

2.   Intended number of occupants
one    multiple

3.   Male and Female
separate 🚹 🚺    unisex/gender neutral 🚻

4.   'Ladies' and 'Gentlemen' signage
text    text ('comedy')    pictogram    pictogram (ambiguous/indistinct)

5.   Cost
free    fee

6.   Open
24 hours    sometimes    victim of austerity

7.   Entry from outside
no door    door (germy handle)    door (grubby pad)    door (icky knob)

8.   View from entrance
none    some    too much

9.   Division of floor area between Ladies and Gentlemen
greater for Ladies    unfairly equal    inexplicably greater for Gentlemen

10. Layout
cubicles for all    urinals and cubicles

11. Staff
unstaffed    somebody somewhere    attendant expecting tip

12. Cleaning
recent    earlier today    dubious

13. Urinals
a. sufficient    insufficient
b. single    multiple    communal
c. uniform height    some for children
d. regular flush    auto-flush    eco-friendly
e. modesty boards    mutually visible
f.  porcelain    plastic    metal    hole in ground
g. mesh over drain    cloggable
h. cake    something else to aim at    no distractions
i.  something to read while you go    plain tiled walls
j.  Grade II listed    other

14. Cubicles
a. sufficient    insufficient
b. disabled-friendly    unmodified
c. gap below door    no peeking
d. bolt    latch    electronic lock
e. coat hook    use the floor
f.  sit    squat
g. disposable seat covers    seat clean    seat damp   don't think about it
h. bowl    'shelf'
i.  toilet roll... hanging forward    ...hanging behind    ... enclosed    ...missing
j.  cistern visible    cistern hidden
k. turn handle    pull chain    push pad
l.  eco-flush option    uniform flush
m. disposal bin (foot operated)    disposal bin (manual)    binless

15. Washing facilities
a. sufficient    insufficient    none
b. within cubicles    communal
c. mirrors    no preening
d. sinks & taps    shared trough    mysterious automated hole in wall
e. manual tap    sensor-operated    will not turn on whatever you do
f.  cold water    hot water    scalding water
g. runs for a set time    manual termination
h. squirty liquid    tablet of soap    foam
i.  paper towels    roller towel    push-button blower    auto-drier
j.  fast    slow    not worth the effort

16. Additional facilities
 baby-changing    vending machine    inspection schedule    puddles    cut flowers    piped music    inexplicable whiff

Sorry, but I used the toilets in the Design Museum (1ii 2ii 3ii 4iii 5i 6ii 7iii 8ii 10i 11ii 12i 14aii/di/kiii/li 15ai/bi/ci/diii/eii/fii/gi/hiii/iiii/jii) and it got me thinking...

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