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 Monday, March 23, 2020

United Kingdom Examination Board

Social Distancing

March 2020

Answer all questions

Section A - Multiple Choice

1. What is social distancing?
    staying 2m away from other people
    not seeing your Mum on Mother's Day
    something else

2. What are the most important rules of social distancing? (tick all that apply)
    Avoid contact with anyone displaying symptoms
    Avoid non-essential use of public transport when possible
    Work from home, where possible
    Avoid large and small gatherings in public spaces
    Avoid gatherings with friends and family
    Use telephone or online to contact essential services

3. Why is social distancing important?
    to save my own life
    to save the lives of others
    convince me

4. Can you go outside?
    yes   no   sometimes   try not to   of course you can, this is a free country

5. When can you go to the park?
    only if you stay 2m apart
    daily, because it's important for your health
    whenever the sun comes out
    I'd rather go to the seaside
    try not to

6. What should you do if you see a large group of people in a public place?
    walk over to them and tell them off
    upload a photo to social media
    I wouldn't go to a park in the first place
    pass them by

7. When you hear the phrase 'congregating in groups', how many people do you think of?
    2     3 or 4     maybe 10     100+

8. Can you go to the shops?
    whenever   weekly   only for groceries   only by yourself
    if it's the only place I can go, that's where I'll be going

9. How do you stay 2m away from everyone else while grocery shopping?
    it can't be done  
    scrupulous queueing  
    I don't care, where's the pasta?  
    shop online (and wait 2 weeks)

10. Which of the following should you no longer do? (tick all that apply)
    pop round to your neighbours for coffee
    get your hair cut
    mow the back lawn
    get the bus into town
    climb Snowdon

11. Social distancing is...
    recommended   mandatory   strongly advised utterly fudged

12. Name something you shouldn't do unless you aren't under 70
    phone NHS 111
    stay indoors for 12 weeks
    no I'm lost now

Section B - Essay

Answer two of the following in no more than 500 words each.

a) Outline, as clearly as possible, the main differences between social distancing and self-isolation.
b) Compare and contrast the social distancing regime in the UK and another country of your choice.
c) Demonstrate, by use of examples, how a Prime Minister can offer entirely contradictory advice.
d) Explain, using misconceptions and misunderstandings, why social distancing does not apply to you.

Section C - Practical

Explain social distancing to a five year-old.

Where did you see this social distancing advice?
daily government press conference     a leaflet through my letterbox
in my daily newspaper     TV advert     Twitter/Facebook
WhatsApp conspiracy meme     sorry, what advice?

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