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 Friday, June 18, 2004

I suspect you fall into one of these three categories. Do please tell me which.

Did you see the football yesterday? I did. I left work early so I could see it all. I'm like that me, I just have to be watching. I bet the roads were really quiet at 5pm because everyone was either at home or down the pub. It was a match we really had to win, wasn't it, otherwise we'd be on our way home and that would be well sad. They're not the toughest team Switzerland, but even a weak team can beat you on an off day can't they? My heart was in my mouth when we kicked off. But oh dear we were playing like wusses to begin with. When Rooney got booked I nearly stormed off to my local shopping centre and threw a brick through the window, but I thought better of it. And then he scored! I was almost as excited as Wayne but I can't do a flying handstand like he can. And then he scored again! That boy's a record breakingly young genius, even if he has got a mighty hairy chest for an 18 year old. Suppose it was only fair Gerrard should get the third and that was it, a right thrashing for the Swiss. Gave me a right patriotic hard on that did. It may not have been a great game but it's the result that counts isn't it? Quarter finals here we come. Just so long as Croatia don't beat us on Monday. I think I need to get a few more crates of lager in.
Did you see Big Brother yesterday? I did. I was up really late watching it on E4 and I saw it all I did. I thought it was great how they kept Emma and Michelle in that 70s bedsit for nearly a week, they were going mad they were. And then they stuck them back into the house hidden under a table which was genius. Marco and Nadia shrieked didn't they but Jason and Victor were really pissed off to see them back you could tell. And then it all kicked off. I knew that dozy Emma wouldn't be able to keep her mouth shut for long. There was yelling and punching and screaming and all because of a pathetic food fight. They are so juvenile some of those housemates. That gang of immature little children needs a good kicking just to shut the bastards up. And then oh my god people started threatening to kill each other which is a crime and it got really nasty and they had to send the security guards in. It's calmed down a lot in there since but wow what great telly that was. Have you read that Ben Elton book 'Dead Famous'? I think it's all coming true. Producers were asking for trouble sticking 12 unstable nutters in the house this year in the first place if you ask me. Bet the advertisers are delighted though. Vanessa for the eviction tonight she's a cow.
I really couldn't care less about either of them.

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