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 Thursday, July 29, 2004

Something old, something new, something Bow Road, something blue

Bow Road station is old, 102 years old to be accurate. Bow Road Station is new, or at least it will be if the current renovation work ever finishes begins. Bow Road is my local station, so I'm getting a little annoyed by it not being open all the time for no obvious reason. And Bow Road is blue, because almost every available surface has been covered by a protective blue wall.

There are eight blue walls at Bow Road station in total - two outside on the pavement, one in the ticket hall, three on the westbound platform and two on the eastbound platform. They vary in size from 'really quite short' to 'longer than a train'. And every single one of them has been covered with signage by some Transport for London safety operative with an obsession for risk assessment. Honestly, you'd think Bow Road station was the most dangerous place in the world given the number of safety signs that have been erected over the last six months. No matter that ordinary stations can get by with just a handful. And no matter that no obvious work seems to be going on to justify the enormous additional signage tally (nearly 200 at latest count).

Yesterday that tally increased. Three enormous new signs appeared, each on a different blue wall and spaced out along the platforms. Each sign is made up of 6 or 7 panels, each about two metres high and half a metre wide. Most of the panels depict big bold representations of hammers, screwdrivers and other construction tools, all made out of tube line graphics. Two of the panels namecheck 'Transport For London', to whom we the lucky passengers of Bow Road should be eternally grateful. And one board outlines all the good new things that are coming to pass at our station, like the installation of more seats (probably to replace the seats they took away when the blue walls were first erected). The bad news is that, apparently, work at Bow Road is due to continue until July 2005, nine months later than originally planned, so you're lumbered with my regular renovation updates for another year at least. Oh joy.

So today I thought I'd treat you to an obsessive list of all the signs and items of associated safetyware to be found on the blue walls of Bow Road station. Because I can. Because it gobsmacks me. And because nobody arrested me while I was recording it.

Key: [ad] London Underground advert, [adf] London Underground advert frame, [ap] Assembly point, [aph] Auto phone, [bc] directions to Bow Church DLR station, [BR] Bow Road roundel, [cse] Caution Site Entrance, [dv] All drivers and visitors must report to the site office, [fa] Fire Alarm, [fe] Fire Escape Keep Clear, [fp] Fire Point (with extinguisher), [fx] Fire Exit Keep Clear, [g] big bold graphic, [int] intercom, [map] London Underground map, [ns] No Smoking, [nu] No unauthorised persons admitted beyond this point, [o] orange safety light, [ru] renovation update, [sc] Surveillance cameras in constant operation, [sf] Safety helmets and safety footwear must be worn, [sh] Safety helmets must be worn, [sl] Storage licence, [slf] Storage licence frame, [so] Site office, [SS] Site Safety instructions, [sap] SAP, [tp] list of ticket prices, [wa] We apologise for any inconvenience caused, [TfL] Transport for London, [wo] Way Out, [wp] shabby word-processed message to site contractors, <doorway>, / corner.
n.b. Signs not yet erected, but whose eventual presence is indicated by a small white rectangular sticker, are shown in round brackets.
n.b. All signs are listed from left to right, and from top to bottom.

Blue wall 1: Pavement, left of station entrance
[fx] <[fe][fe]> [o] [o][adf] [o] [adf] [o][adf] [o][ad] / [o][ns]

Blue wall 2: Pavement, right of station entrance (see photo above)
[o] [ad] [adf] [o] [o] [o] [sc][wa][dv][sf] [o] [o] / [o][so→] [o] [o][sl] [o] [o] / [o] [dv][sf][SS][ap][sap] <[fx][nu]> [wp]

Blue wall 3: Ticket hall, eastern wall
[sl][ns][ad] <(fx)(nu)(cse)> [tp](sh)(adf) / (wa)

Blue wall 4: Westbound platform, eastern wall
<(cse)[sh]> [sh] [sl] [TfL][g][g][g][g][ru][TfL] [bc][wo→] (we) [sh] <(fx)(nu)>

Blue wall 5: Westbound platform, middle wall (east of stairs)
[bc][wo→] [BR] [sl] [sc][sh] <[cse](fx)(nu)> [int] [ad] [ns] [ad] [wa] [fa]

Blue wall 6: Westbound platform, western wall (west of stairs)
[map] <[fx][nu][cse]> (sf)[sl] [ad] [ad] [bc][wo←] [ad] [ad] [BR] [map] [ad] [ns] [ad] [sc][wa] [TfL][g][g][g][ru][TfL] [bc][wo←] [ns][fa] [bc][wo←] [BR] [ad] [ns] [ad] [sl] <[fx][nu][cse] [sh]> [ad] <[fx][nua]> [ns] [bc][wo←] [ns] (sh) [bc][wo←] [BR] (wa)(sh) <[fx][nu](cse)> [ns] [BR] [bc][wo←] [fa] [sl] [ns] [wa] [bc][wo←] [BR] [ns] [aph]

Blue wall 7: Eastbound platform, western wall (west of stairs)
[sf] <[fx][nu][cse]> [slf][sh][sl] [ns] [bc][wo→] [ns][fa] [ns] <[sh][fx][nu][cse]> [ns] [BR] [ns] [bc][wo→] [wa] [BR] [wa][fa] [bc][wo→] [TfL][g][g][g][g][ru][TfL] [sl] [ns] [BR] [ns] [bc][wo→] [ad] [ad] [ns] [ad] [map] [wa][sc] [BR] [ad] [ad] [ad] [ns] [adf] [ad] [bc][wo→] [sl] [nu][fx][cse] <[sf]>[ad]

Blue wall 8: Eastbound platform, eastern wall (see photo above)
[wa] [map] [ns][sl] [ad][fp] [BR] [bc][wo←] [sh] <(fx)(nu)[cse]> [int]

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