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 Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A special message to my readers using WAP, Bloglines or some other newsfeed aggregator

Hello. This is a special message to all of my non-standard readers. All those of you who read my blog using a newsfeed, or web-TV, or a mobile phone, or some other RSS-style delivery system. It's great to have you here. After all, you're the future. You're cutting-edge. You're dynamic flexible trendsetters, unconstrained by the internet's usual technical restrictions. You're Web 2.0. You're very welcome.

But what about all my 'normal' readers? You know, the backward people still using ordinary traditional web browsers. Well, they can't read today's post because I've hidden it. All of today's text is written in light grey. More specifically it's written in HTML colour #cccccc, which is the same as the background colour on my webpage. And grey on grey disappears, so my normal readers can't read anything at all. They're probably wondering why I've posted a big blank space today. But you can read what I've written, because your blog-reading software ignores my web template. Your blog-reading software ignores my background colour. Your blog-reading software might even ignore my proper text colour for all I know. So you're not reading grey on grey. So you can read today's post. Congratulations.

But all you're seeing of my webpage are my individual posts. You're not seeing my blog layout. You're not seeing my posts laid out in daily chunks. You're not seeing my sidebar. You have no direct access to my archives. You can't see my blogroll, nor that I've added another blog to it since yesterday. Essentially you're not seeing the entire diamond geezer experience the way I originally intended. I could redesign my blog and you'd not notice. I could change my template and you'd be none the wiser. I could install blogads and you'd not see them. In effect, you're blinkered to see only my main post content and none of the surrounding extras.

I'm sure it's convenient reading my blog your way, but I'd be fascinated to know why you do it. Maybe you're sitting on the bus with your WAP phone and have no choice. Maybe you can't be bothered to wait for my whole page to load. Maybe you stay away until you know I've posted fresh content. Maybe you're just lazy. Whatever the case, do please leave me a message in the comments box and tell me why. Except, erm, you probably can't see my comments either, can you? Good grief, you really are missing out!

(quick, before my normal readers work out they can read today's text just by highlighting it)

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