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 Friday, March 24, 2006

The Me Me meme

I bet you've seen this meme doing the rounds. It's great isn't it? Really clever. I love reading this sort of stuff. Anyway, Mibby tagged me so I thought I'd better join in because it'll be fun. And illuminating. I love a good meme, me.

Name seven things in your fridge: a carton of milk (I'm afraid it's the really unhealthy full cream stuff), some new potatoes (presumably shipped in from abroad at great expense to the environment), a bottle of four-year-old champagne (which I've never quite had a good enough reason to open), a big steak and kidney pie (because I've got an all-day meeting at work today and they'll only serve up crap sandwiches so I'll be hungry later), a carton of value orange juice (dead cheap, I hate to think how few oranges are in it), a slab of cheese (mmmmm, cheese) and a strange mysterious green stain which probably once oozed out of a cucumber.

When was the first time you went abroad? I guess the Isle of Wight doesn't count!!! So in that case it was thirty years ago when I was 11 we flew to Canada. Flying was a really big thing in those days - almost nobody travelled abroad for their holidays at the time. And I saw Niagara Falls and I went up the CN Tower in Toronto in the year it opened and I got my fingers shut in a big American car door and it hurt.

Who were the last five people to send you a spam message? Northwest B. Ghoul, Sterling Talley, Jeffery Reese, Hobnails P. Fellini, Demetrius Mclain

If you were a type of chocolate biscuit, what type of chocolate biscuit would you be and why? Probably a Jaffa Cake, because they're soft and round but a bit tangy and all orangey inside and you can pick the chocolate off. Not that I'm like that, but I do really like Jaffa Cakes. Although they might not be a biscuit, they might be a cake.

Describe your best friend using only Madonna song titles: Like A Prayer, Causing A Commotion, Gambler, Another Suitcase In Another Hall, Lucky Star, Take A Bow

What's the funniest thing you've ever seen a kitten do? Aww there was this one time when this kitten I had she was well cute she went missing one day it was a Saturday and she was nowhere to be seen so I spent all day looking for her I hunted round the house and found nothing not a thing so I went round the local estate looking for her twice I think and into the woods too but she wasn't there either and I didn't know where she was and she was only little really tiny and I thought maybe she'd run away so I went home and waited and later that evening I looked in the cupboard under the sink in the kitchen and there she was on a shelf she'd been there asleep she'd been in the house all that time and I hadn't noticed I'd even looked in that cupboard earlier and I hadn't seen her and I couldn't get angry about it but what a waste of a Saturday and I know it doesn't sound funny and it wasn't at the time but I can laugh about it now.

LOL that was fun. And it saved me thinking up something original of my own to write about today. So now I'm going to tag Brad, littlegreenpea and Mr Squiggles to try this meme on their blogs. Because they like this sort of thing too. And because, like me, they've clearly run out of blogging inspiration. Come on everybody, why not join in? Let's meme!!!!

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