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 Wednesday, April 26, 2006

10 things about San Francisco I shall really miss
contours: If there's one thing London lacks it's hills. OK, so there are a few weedy ones scattered across the suburbs, but imagine the stunning panoramas if there was some rocky peak in Hyde Park, if Primrose Hill were twice the size or if St Paul's sat atop some decent-sized hillock. Never mind the sheer leg-knackering effort of climbing to the summit, just stand back and soak in the view.
ocean: If there's one other thing London lacks it's a coastline. OK, so the Thames is wide and wet, but it has nothing on bayside vistas, broad sweeping beaches and ocean-lapped rocky headlands. Sorry, but a day trip to Southend has nothing on San Francisco Bay.
pancake breakfasts: Obviously it would be medically improper to live permanently on a morning diet of thick pancakes swimming in a sea of even thicker maple syrup, but surely there's no harm for just a week?
cheap newspapers: The main daily SF newspaper costs a mere 50 cents, and can be bought from any one of a myriad of vending machines on nigh every major street corner. I fork out twice that amount of money for my daily paper over here (but at least there's less Bush and Rumsfeld in it).
free newspapers: Those vending machines also dispense every kind of weekly listings magazine you can imagine, free of charge. Somehow the What's On section in our daily Metro doesn't quite compare.
huge house numbers: There's something oddly charming about four- or even five-figure house numbers ("yeah, I live at number 12748...") but it must be hell for visitors if they don't know at which end of a mighty long street the numbering starts.
cinnamon flavour tictacs: I now have enough of these to last me at least the next twelve months. I don't need any more, thanks.
cheap beer: SF prices in dollars are numerically equivalent to London prices in pounds, near enough. It's a wonder I remember very much of my week away at all.
distance: You can't beat travelling 5000 miles away from work, bills, your income tax form and an ever-filling email inbox. Just for a bit, anyway.
friends: I really don't spend enough time away with friends. Must try it again soon...

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