diamond geezer

 Sunday, May 21, 2006

Big Brother 7

the housemates

your comments welcome
aka: Bonnie Holt
19 from Loughborough
care worker
teenage estate trash
glum pouting vacuum
odds: 25/1  
aka: Dawn Blake
38 from Birmingham
exercise scientist
teetotal vegetarian
capable but humourless
odds: 16/1  
aka: George Askew
19 from London
blue-blooded student
related to royalty
mixing with the plebs
odds: 9/1  
aka: Glyn Wise
18 from Blaenau Ffestiniog
naturist lifeguard
scrawny muscleboy
out of his depth?
odds: 16/1  
aka: Grace Short
20 from London
dance teacher
posh Sloane party girl
confident and unruffled
odds: 14/1  
aka: Imogen Thomas
23 from Wales
bar hostess
former beauty queen
potentially normal
odds: 8/1  
aka: Lea Walker
36 from Nottingham
single mum & model
wildly enhanced cleavage
cow dressed as mutton
odds: 33/1  
aka: Lisa Huo
27 from Manchester
Chinese Jimmy Krankie
coarse but chirpy
odds: 10/1  
aka: Mikey Dalton
22 from Liverpool
software developer
Vernon Kaye Jr
featureless chauvinist
odds: 10/1  
aka Nikki Graham
24 from Middlesex
model & dancer
fragile emotional wreck
desperately needy
odds: 20/1  
aka: Pete Bennett
24 from Brighton
singer with Tourette's
Stop The Pigeon's Klunk
endearingly animated
odds: 3/1 (fav)  
aka: Richard Newman
33 from London
gay stetsoned waiter
shaven meathead hunk
calm voice of reason
odds: 7/1  
aka: Sezer Yurtseven
26 from London
stockbroker entrepreneur
strutting peacock
confident smiler
odds: 9/1  
aka: Shahbaz Chaudhry
37 from Glasgow
unemployable flirt
camp tactile nightmare
hysterical egomaniac
odds: 16/1  

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