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 Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Soundtrack to my commute
yesterday: home 7:35am → work 8:02am
(iPod shuffle on random)

Air: Kelly Watch The Stars
Striding along Bow Road, heading for the tube. Caught red-handed Mr Gladstone. A rain shower just rolled by and the pavements are damp. Mustn't walk too close to that gutter puddle, or passing tyres will splash me through. Oh for goodness sake PRESS THE BUTTON. That pelican won't change itself. Watch the stars the stars the stars. She wasn't looking was she? A few seconds slower and that bus would have turned the corner and flattened her.

China Crisis: Arizona Sky
Omigod I love this track. Can't I turn the volume up any higher? Stride a little faster, a little brighter. The sky is bigger there, it took my breath away. Here's my exact money Mr Newsagent. I've got my small change right today, unlike last week when I underpaid you. Do stop smirking. Into the station, pausing behind a drowsy mare trying her Oyster for a second time. No, it still doesn't work, does it? No reason to give up on the illusion. Sweep down the stairs and straight onto a steamed-up Richmond. Just the one stop, then bundle across the platform at Mile End. Swish, and I'm in.

Barry Gray: theme from Stingray
Stand by for action! We are about to launch... The Central doors close. Grab a pole and hold tight. Squeeze in by the far door, hemmed in tight by three coats and a rucksack. No chance of opening my newspaper, is there? Beat those jungle drums, Marina! Anything can happen in the next half hour.

New Order: Bizarre Love Triangle
A seven-foot cityboy climbs aboard and pushes his way to the centre of the carriage. His gelled tufts scrape the ceiling. The lady hanging next to me reads the Times letters page, oh so slowly. Every time I see you falling I get down on my knees and pray. Half of Essex stands expectantly on the platform, but it's no entry. Is that Danny Wallace down at the end of the carriage? No, it's just that half the blokes in London look like Danny Wallace these days. Why can't we be ourselves like we were yesterday? Hold on tight.

M People: Renaissance
Stop jiggling to the beat, people'll notice. I'm coming home I'm coming home (to your house). Sheesh, you're gorgeous. Yeah, you sat down there with your hands clasped across your lap. If I saw you on the way home I might. But, you know, we've both got work to go to, so there wouldn't be time. And you're not even looking anyway. Have mercy mercy mercy.

XTC: Towers of London
I have a rather-too-close-up view of a brown corduroy hat with the label sticking out. Maybe it's high fashion this winter, how would I know? The next station is... Holborn. You with your plastered hand poised on the door, you in a hurry to get out? Ha, you won't beat me. I'm tenth off the platform, but third up the passageway, and first up the escalator. Pavements of gold leading to the underground. Overtaking all you side-standers as I mountaineer past. Best exercise of the day.

Mark Brown ft Sarah Cracknell : The Journey Continues
Emerging into Zone 1 sunlight. Waiting at the station, feel no hesitation and begin the ride. Oh good grief, what have they done to the Holborn traffic lights? It's suddenly a rejigged coned-off junction with shifted pedestrian priorities and longer waiting times. Hate it hate it hate it. I hope it doesn't rain all day. Cor, when was the last time I saw a milkfloat piled high with loaves and pintas? And the office already. Doesn't time fly when you're plugged in and happy?

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