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 Thursday, July 31, 2008

202 current* blogs with diamond geezer on their blogroll**
*(at least one post since July 1st)   **(blogroll must appear on blog's main page)

affable-lurking, AngloAddict, An American In London, anglosaxy, Aprosexic, Arseblog, Autolycus, Baroque in Hackney, Bella's Web, Ben Bowen's blog, Betty's Blog, Big Britain, Big n juicy, bitful, Blazing Saddle, Blogging Up The Works, Blog KX, Blue Witch, bob's yer uncle, breakfast at britannia, Brian Micklethwait, Bridget's Blog, Brockley Central, Brought to Book, Cabin Essence, Clandestine Critic, Clapham Omnibus, Confederacy Of A Dunce, Cool Blue Shed, Corblue's Closet, Counting Sheep, crinklybee, Dan Wilson, DaveMoran.co.uk, Days on the Claise, The Deptford Dame, Depthmarker, Did's Life, D-Notice, Dogwood Tales, The Doorman's blog, Down on the Allotment, The Drugs Don't Work, dsng.net, D4D, enduring ramblings, English Buildings, evilmoose, Fallen Angel, Famous for 15 megapixels, The Fatalist, Fed by Birds, Firmly Wedged, A Fistful of Euros, The Flashing 12, FunJunkie!, ganching, Gareth Wyn, Geofftech - iBlog, Germany Doesn't Suck, Gertsamtkunstwerk, Giles' Blog, girl with a one-track mind, Gonzogeography, The Good Things In Life, Greavsie, Green Ideas, The Greenwich Gazette, Groc's various musings, Henri's World, hurry on home, I am Livid, IanVisits, i love the smoke, Imagined Community, I'm A Seoul Man, informationally overloaded, Instant Dreams, In the Aquarium, IsarSteve, I shook the royal throne, Itinerant Londoner, ITV Local London Blog, Jakartass, john davies, jon bounds/ramblings, John Flood's Random Academic Thoughts, John Nez Illustration, Klong Walking, The Knit-Nurse Chronicles, the last bus home, Lauren in London, A Life in Writing, Life On A Roll Of Film, LinkMachineGo, Little Man, What Now?, Little Miss Rachel, Living in Bury St Edmunds, London Daily Nature Photo, London Daily Photo, The Londoneer, Londonist, London: Mayor & More, The London Review of Breakfasts, London Sightseeing With A Homegrown Tourist... Ding Dong!, London Underground Life, The Loopzilla, Mad Dogs and Englishmen, Mad Teacher, Make Lard History, The Man from Catford, Many Miles..., the maturest student in the world, Mayfair Blog, McFilter, Mick Hartley, miketoons, Momentary lapses of insanity, Moon In The Gutter, moosifer jones' grouch, Mother of the Bride, murphyzVille, My Blog Has A British Accent, My Boyfriend Is A Twat, My Thoughts Exactly, Nik Rawlinson, No geek is an island, Notes from a Defeatist, Notes from a small field, nothing much to report, Now What Happens?, onionbagblog, O, Poor Robinson Crusoe!, Order of the Bath, Ornamental Passions, Osbornia octodonta, Our Little Corner of Paradise, pandemian, Pauly's 'Stoney Soapbox, Philobiblon, Pigeon blog, poons, Put 'em all on an island, Qype*Vibes, The Rabblers, Rachel from North London, Random Acts of Reality, Random Burblings, Random Reflections, Ranger 8, rARsh!, rashbre central, theRatandMouse, Res Publica, Ritual Landscape, Rosamundi's ramblings, Route 79, St Crispin's Day, St Margaret's at Cliffe Photo Diary, Samizdata.net, Scaryduck, screaming yellow fizz bang, Secret Songs of Silence, Short and sweet & sour, Shorty PJs, Silent Words Speak Loudest, Silversprite, Sim's Blog, smeg's window, Sputnik Sweetheart, A Student's Life, Studio Living, [T3G: 2], things magazine, This is Stoke Newington, Three Legged Cat, The 3Rs - Reading, Ranting & Recipes, To be a Pilgrim, Tom Steel, Toppsy Turvy, Tory Troll, Town Mouse, Travels around London, troubled diva, Twenty Major, Unnatural Vision, A View from England, Volume 22, Wanderlust, wee birdy, What was the score?, Wheeliebinland, Who Knows Where Thoughts Come From?, Wibbo's Words, The Willesden Herald, wine woman & song, World of Chig, The Worship St Irregulars, A Yankee in London, Yurt16, zerochampion

Cor, that's a lot! I'm duly honoured by each and every one of these blogroll links, so many thanks to you all.

Why not click on some of these 202 links to see what you're missing. Not all of them, obviously (unless you're especially bored), but maybe 10 or so. Pick them at random, or pick the ten with the most interesting names, or start somewhere in the middle and work your way backwards. I can't guarantee that every single blog listed here is a literary masterpiece, but most are dead interesting. I know - I've had to read them all over the last couple of days, just to check that they're still being updated.

I compile this list every year, so I started by checking all 200+ blogs on last year's list to see how many of them still linked here. About one in three have fallen by the wayside and don't appear this year. Some have just vanished - disappeared, deleted - which is a pity. Some are now on hiatus - either deliberately, or through month-long neglect - which is a shame. And a few are still going strong but have removed me from their blogroll - zapped, extinguished - which I guess is the way it goes. Still, at least several new blogs have come along and added me instead, so I'm not losing out completely. Which is nice.

I've always tried to keep my blogroll manageable - 20 sites max - although I'm aware that this means I don't link to as many other blogs as I could/should. So today's post is a small way of making up for that omission. I hope it's a fairly complete list, courtesy of Technorati and various other useful web services, but I bet it isn't. Let me know if I've missed you/anyone off the list.

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