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 Saturday, February 06, 2010

Is there really a jam jar?
Absolutely. It's sitting here now, down on the carpet beside my printer, and it still has nine folded slips of paper inside. Or at least I hope it does, unless some mischievous visitor has sneaked in over the past five years and removed one.

Flat White or Soya Caramel ChoccaMoccachino?
I presume those are coffees. I don't do coffee. I don't understand coffee. I don't understand people who do coffee. If we were out in town and you suggested dropping into Starbucks for a coffee, and a half hour sitdown, and maybe a muffin, I'd look at you with pity.

I am shortly moving from London to the other side of the world. What things do you think I'll miss the most, and least, about London?
According to this, what you'll miss most is dry land under your feet. Don't do it.
(now that's my kind of website) (Spain's opposite New Zealand, eh? Blimey)

What do you have against kittens anyway?
I was once persuaded to allow a kitten into the house. It wasn't for me, it was to shut somebody else up, and it was permitted on the sole condition that it wasn't me who had to empty the litter tray. The kitten looked cute, as kittens do, but spent an inordinate amount of time being where it shouldn't, like where I was trying to sleep, or on top of the dining table at meal times. One Saturday morning it disappeared, and I wasted the entire day being sent around the neighbourhood trying to find it, in vain. And then, as sunset approached, I found it curled up in the cupboard under the sink alongside the detergents with a beatific grin on its face. I've never been a fan of kittens.

fancy a pint?
I try not to do pints. If I do pints I usually end the evening with a severe bout of hiccups. Hence my love of Becks, which comes in convenient non-threatening half pint bottles.

Where is your favourite place in Bow? (apart from your house of course)
It's a bit nebulous, Bow, with woolly borders. So I could pick Victoria Park, or the hump of the Green Bridge over the Mile End Road, or the Georgian splendour of Tredegar Square. But I have to go for Tower Hamlets Cemetery - a patch of sheer tranquility in the midst of several non-aspirational estates.

Do you feel pressured that all your readers expect top quality dg reportage every day?
No. But I do feel pressured that I expect top quality dg reportage every day.

Do you think you'll ever get tired of living in London?
Oh I hope not. London's huge enough to be endlessly fascinating, from its amazing central sights to that bit of Barnet I've never been to yet. The one thing I miss in London is the sea, but I guess if I stay here long enough even that may make an appearance.

(and there's room for a few more answers from your questions)
(but please, no more "what's your favourite?"s)

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