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 Friday, March 05, 2010

Who reads diamond geezer?

Thanks for voting yesterday in my readership survey - more than 700 of you were kind enough to take part! Now I know how my readership has changed over the last six years, and also how very similar it is too. One thing that hasn't changed, according to the 2010 survey results, is that the typical diamond geezer reader is still a 30-something male from the London area. Hello if that's you. And here are those results in a little more detail.

Male or female?
male (523)
female (169)
Hmmm, that's about three male readers to every female, a proportion which has remained almost exactly the same over the last six years. Maybe cyberworld will forever be a very bloke-ish domain, or maybe I'm still not posting enough kittens.

<20 (14)
20s (139)
30s (214)
40s (159)
50s (113)
60+ (60)
My highest readership has always been amongst 30-somethings, and still is. But previously it's been the 20-somethings in second place and now the 40-somethings have overtaken. We're all getting older, I know, and maybe this upward shift merely reflects the passing of time. It's certainly great to have several extra mature readers along for the ride... and if the yoof market wants to spend all its time blathering on Facebook instead, that's fine by me.

Where do you live? (pick one)
London (360)
England (173)
UK (31)
Europe (45)
World (89)
These proportions are incredibly similar to those seen two years ago. Roughly half of my readership comes from London - the city I write about approximately half of the time. Another quarter are from England, so at least have a chance to visit the capital sometimes. But one in six are from well outside Europe (hello world!) so it can't only be my reports from Streatham and Barnet which keep them coming back. It's lucky I write about other stuff and other places too. Half London, half not - that's a good balance, and I shall aim to maintain it.

How often do you read diamond geezer?
daily (476)
often (182)
occasionally (32)
first visit (8)
You're getting more regular. Back in 2004 only half of you came back once a day, and now it's more than two thirds. That's comforting, because I do try very hard to post something every day for you to read. Meanwhile the proportion of readers visiting only occasionally has plummeted - it's all or nothing these days. And a special hello to the eight of you who were making your very first visit yesterday (assuming you ever come back again, that is).

When was your first visit to diamond geezer?
2002/03 (61)
2004/05 (121)
2006/7 (195)
2008 (139)
2009 (147)
2010 (35)
This graph celebrates the longevity of diamond geezer's readers. About a quarter of you claim to have been reading for more than five years, with more and more of you joining in as successive years have passed. But I'm surprised to see that only about half of you were around the last time I ran this survey, which suggests that people are stumbling in here all the time. Thanks to you all for sticking around, however long it's been.

How do you read diamond geezer?
web browser (457)
RSS reader (234)
mobile browser (9)
Here's the new question, as I try to determine how many people are reading my posts somewhere that isn't my blog. The results are slightly flawed because yesterday's vote wasn't clickable in certain feed readers so the figures may be an underestimate. But it sounds like RSS is adding at least 50% to my readership, and quite possibly a lot more. And look, there are even nine cutting-edge readers who follow diamond geezer on their mobile. Bet you that figure rises in two years time.

Do you have your own blog?
yes (216)
no (484)
The proportion of readers with their own blog has dropped again. In fact it's fallen by about 7% each time I've held this survey, now down from over half to under a third, and it's probably heading for only one in four next time around. Is this decline because lots of people who used to blog have given up, or is it because everyone's too busy writing one-line status updates? Or both? Whichever, it's good to know I still have competition from at least 200 of you. I wonder how different things will look by the first week of 2012...

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