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 Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some people are no good at waiting.

» Waiting for the bus (oh I give up, let's take a taxi)
» Waiting for the bath to fill (but it only comes up to my ankles)
» Waiting for the gasman (surely he won't come if I nip quickly to the shops)
» Waiting for the commercial break (I hope I can cross my legs until then)
» Waiting for the perfect partner (you'll have to do, will you marry me?)

» Waiting for the lights to change (whee! I'm going to ride my bike through anyway)
» Waiting for the tea to brew (ugh, it's a bit weak isn't it?)
» Waiting for your team to equalise (they've obviously lost, I'll leave early)
» Waiting for the car to reach its destination (are we there yet, are we?)
» Waiting for your wedding night (oh, is that the best you do?)

» Waiting for the rain to stop (let's watch all the extras on this DVD)
» Waiting for the waiter to notice you (how about running without paying the bill?)
» Waiting for the train to move (we are being held at a red signal and we should be moving shortly)
» Waiting for the phone to ring (I suppose I could always ring them for a change)
» Waiting for the baby to be born (go on then, induce it)

» Waiting for dawn (can't sleep, can't sleep, please stop snoring)
» Waiting for lunchtime (but first I'll have a bag of crisps, a muffin and a Kit Kat)
» Waiting for the working day to be over (only another two hours ten minutes and sixteen seconds)
» Waiting for the working day to be over (only another two hours nine minutes and fifty-four seconds)
» Waiting for the weekend (and then remembering none of it)

» Waiting for the soup to cool (yeeouch, my tongue)
» Waiting for someone to notice you (I'll keep looking, because I know they fancy me really)
» Waiting for the party to pick up (I knew I should have got here fashionably late)
» Waiting for something to happen (let me check my email, and Twitter, and Facebook, and my email again)
» Waiting for that big lottery win (next week, surely)

» Waiting for power (we'll agree to anything if you join us)
» Waiting for proportional representation (then two offers come along at once)
» Waiting for a decision (lesser of two evils, anyone?)
» Waiting for certainty (quick, before the economy collapses)
» Waiting for a government (no, really, there'll be one along eventually)

Better to wait than to jump in too early.
Be patient.

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