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 Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh joy, TfL have just announced additional weekend closures on the Jubilee line.

Because the signalling upgrade which kicked off in 2007 still isn't finished.

And, apparently, there haven't been enough weekend closures already.

Jubilee line upgrade - weekend line closures
08 Apr WePk→Stan 
13 May CWhf→Stfd
10 Jun CWhf→Stfd
16 Jun WePk→Stan
23 Jun NGrn→Stfd
30 Jun WePk→Stan
19 Aug CWhf→Stfd
15 Sep NGrn→Stfd
22 Sep WePk→Stan
29 Sep WePk→Stan
06 Oct WePk→Stan
20 Oct NGrn→Stfd
27 Oct WePk→Stan
03 Nov WePk→Stan
10 Nov WePk→Stan
18 Nov WePk→Stan
24 Nov WePk→Stan
02 Dec CWhf→Stfd
08 Dec WePk→Stan
15 Dec WePk→Stan
16 Dec NGrn→Stfd
22 Dec WePk→Stan
05 Jan GnPk→Stfd
06 Jan WePk→Stan
19 Jan GnPk→Stfd
26 Jan WePk→Stan
02 Feb Grn→Stfd
09 Feb WePk→Stan
16 Feb WePk→Stan
01 Mar NGrn→Stfd
08 Mar NGrn→Stfd
29 Mar NGrn→Stfd
26 Apr Grn→Stfd
10 May NGrn→Stfd
31 May NGrn→Stfd
07 Jun NGrn→Stfd
14 Jun NGrn→Stfd
21 Jun GnPk→NGrn
28 Jun NGrn→Stfd
05 Jul GnPk→NGrn
12 Jul NGrn→Stfd
19 Jul GnPk→Stfd
26 Jul NGrn→Stfd
03 Aug NGrn→Stfd
09 Aug NGrn→Stfd
10 Aug CWhf→Stfd
16 Aug GnPk→CWhf 
24 Aug NGrn→Stfd
31 Aug GnPk→Stfd
07 Sep GnPk→Stfd
13 Sep NGrn→Stfd
14 Sep WePk→Stan
20 Sep CWhf→Stfd
27 Sep NGrn→Stfd
28 Sep WePk→Stan
04 Oct NGrn→Stfd
05 Oct Wloo→FiRd
11 Oct GnPk→Stfd
12 Oct Wloo→FiRd
18 Oct GnPk→Stfd
25 Oct NGrn→Stfd
01 Nov Wloo→Stan
08 Nov GnPk→Stfd
15 Nov Wloo→FiRd
22 Oct NGrn→Stfd
29 Nov Wloo→Stan
21 Dec NGrn→Stfd
27 Dec Stfd→Stan
03 Jan GnPk→Stfd
10 Jan GnPk→Stfd
17 Jan Wloo→Stan
24 Jan Wloo→Stan
31 Jan GnPk→Stfd
07 Feb GnPk→Stfd
14 Feb Wloo→Stan
21 Feb Wloo→Stan
28 Feb GnPk→Stfd
21 Mar GnPk→Stfd
28 Mar GnPk→Stfd
11 Apr Neas→Stfd
18 Apr GnPk→Stfd
25 Apr GnPk→Stfd
02 May GnPk→Stfd
09 May LnBr→Stan
16 May Stfd→Stan
23 May LnBr→Stan
24 May NGrn→Stfd
30 May GnPk→Stfd
31 May GnPk→NGrn
06 Jun GnPk→Stfd
13 Jun Stfd→Stan
14 Jun GnPk→Stfd
20 Jun Stfd→Stan
21 Jun GnPk→Stfd
27 Jun Stfd→Stan
04 Jul GnPk→Stfd
05 Jul Stfd→Stan
11 Jul GnPk→Stfd
12 Jul Stfd→Stan
18 Jul WHmd→Stan
25 Jul Wloo→Stan
26 Jul Stfd→Stan
01 Aug Wloo→Stan
15 Aug GnPk→Stfd
16 Aug Stfd→Stan
22 Aug Stfd→Stan
30 Aug WHmd→Stan
05 Sep GnPk→Stfd
06 Sep Wloo→Stan
12 Sep Wloo→Stan
19 Sep Wloo→Stan
26 Sep Wloo→Stan
26 Sep NGrn→Stfd
03 Oct Wloo→Stan
03 Oct NGrn→Stfd
10 Oct Stfd→Stan
11 Oct WHmd→Stan
17 Oct Wloo→Stan
24 Oct Wloo→Stan
31 Oct Wloo→Stan
07 Nov Wloo→Stan
08 Nov WHmd→Stan
14 Nov Wloo→Stan
21 Nov Wloo→Stan
21 Nov NGrn→Stfd
28 Nov Wloo→Stan
05 Dec WHmd→Stan
12 Dec WHmd→Stan
19 Dec WHmd→Stan
26 Dec Stfd→Stan
02 Jan Stfd→Stan
09 Jan Stfd→Stan
16 Jan WHmd→Stan
23 Jan WHmd→Stan
30 Jan GnPk→Stfd
06 Feb WHmd→Stan
20 Feb GnPk→Stfd
27 Feb WHmd→Stan
06 Mar GnPk→Stfd
13 Mar Stfd→Stan
20 Mar Wloo→Stan
27 Mar WHmd→Stan
03 Apr Stfd→Stan
17 Apr NGrn→Stfd
24 Apr Wloo→Stan
01 May Stfd→Stan
16 May Wloo→Stan
23 May WHmd→Stan
29 May Stfd→Stan
12 Jun Wloo→Stan
26 Jun Wloo→Stan
03 Jul GnPk→Stfd
24 Jul Stfd→Stan
31 Jul WHmd→Stan
01 Aug Stfd→Stan
07 Aug Wloo→Stan
14 Aug Wloo→Stan
21 Aug Wloo→Stan
29 Aug WePk→Stfd
04 Sep Wloo→Stan
11 Sep GnPk→Wloo
18 Sep GnPk→Wloo
25 Sep WHmd→Stan
02 Oct Stfd→Stan
23 Oct WHmd→Stan
30 Oct WHmd→Stan
14 Nov Stfd→Stan
20 Nov WHmd→Stan
27 Nov WHmd→Stan
04 Dec WHmd→Stan
11 Dec WHmd→Stan
27 Dec Stfd→Stan

and more (probably)

It'll all be finished by 2009, they said. But it wasn't.

We need some additional weekend closures, they said... and then some more... and then some more. There have been more than 130 weekend closures so far, and apparently that's still not enough. The signalling still doesn't work properly, which is why even more weekend closures have been announced, right up to the end of the year (and almost certainly beyond).

I know the upgrade's proving technically difficult, that's blatantly obvious. And I know TfL are still trying to mop up the mess that infraco Tube Lines left them with. But how many times can a deadline slip before management start to look like idiots? And how much longer is this incredibly inconvenient list of closures going to get?

Having said that, the new signalling system is almost ready at the eastern end of the line, so there's scheduled to be a first public trial this weekend between Waterloo and Stratford only. Light at the end of the tunnel maybe?

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