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 Saturday, May 19, 2012

I got Reddited again yesterday. Which was uncomfortable.

Some people who never read the site but know what good website design is, discussed what good website design is and wondered why I didn't realise that.
» Web developer here. I think his points about making his site work best for big screens is probably a bit short-sighted, although without seeing his web stats maybe he's right. More and more websites are being built "mobile first" now, meaning they should look good by default on mobiles and small-screen devices, and "progressively enhance" to match the user's browsing context. You don't have to be a web genius to do this kind of stuff, there are a billion Wordpress themes that can do this. But if you're sweating over your content to make it engaging and well-written, why would you treat it with contempt and throw it onto a difficult to read and fairly ugly template, then respond to criticism by effectively saying "well, it works on my screen"? Just my $0.02 [guitarromantic]

» Agreed. These principles are unified under the handy term responsive design. [Deku-shrub]

» "I'm continuing to make the fatal assumption that you're all viewing my blog the same way I am, and it still looks fine to me. Only when I buy myself a smartphone and start to view my blog through different eyes might things begin to change. Until then, sorry, the terrible-looking site lingers on."
» This is a pretty ignorant attitude to take, especially given the valuable free insight of people's impressions of his site. As guitarromantic pointed out, there are tons of wordpress templates and the like which are so easy to configure and at the same time able to keep the depth of content. If he's only doing the site for his own benefit, why bother publishing it online at all. [lookatmeme]
My occasional irony may have passed lookatmeme by.
» I guess this guy is not aiming his website to bring him any famous nor the capacity to claim he got crazy amount of readers. Hence his regular posts turning down marketing offers for free stuff. He probably just discovered that he was reddited and gave his 2 cents about the comments he read. My personal opinion is it seems to be a rather popular blog among londonish network websites and people obviously follow his posts for their interest to the content itself. My advice : Read it through a RSS reader, you'll get rid of the interface stuff and would be able to focus on content :) [whyoji]

» I read his blog everyday, it has great content (most of the time) but if you look through it you can see that he clearly likes writing and is not trying to build an audience or make money. [somabc]

» I've been reading DG for many years now, and for the most part have been doing so through something like Google Reader. It makes it infinitely more legible, and I have to admit that I've not even thought about the design of the site in a long long time. Equally, I can think of loads of my feeds where I have no idea what the current site design actually looks like. Nice, clean Google Reader interface for me, thanks. [gooneruk]

» I have to say, my initial post mostly directed at the specific post that was linked which was so badly formatted I gave up trying to read it. The rest of your site isn't as bad as I suggested it is. [eastlondonmandem]

» I look forward to tomorrow's post where he addresses all the concerns we make today. [somabc]

» Oh god it's never-ending! [Xenc]

» It's funny because you're blaming mobile
browsers, yet your site is hard to read on my
22" 1080p screen. All that's down to poor
typography, and general design wise, it's very
1990's. Could be much worse, but it's still
not very readable. There are plenty of
typography guidelines out there, particularly
with regards to line length. [foetuseofexcellence]
Nice to know, thanks.

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