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 Thursday, August 06, 2015

bloody tube strike yet another day of chaos and all for what? bloody drivers don't they know how well paid they are I wish I got what they get they do better than nurses! and here they are striking for more it's not fair on all the hard-working people having to take a day off work and not being paid when the drivers get paid loads already so why should they be offered even more money I don't get it it's not bloody fair bloody unions bloody tube workers

bloody tube strike they should just lock them in a room until they come to an agreement I mean how hard can it be? surely with all that cash on the table the workers should just agree to anything I mean who's the boss round here the mayor or the unions they should just accept the longer working hours or whatever and be done with it I don't see why their work life balance is so important I just want my Night Tube so I can get home from the West End easier

bloody tube strike I had to get up much earlier this morning and I'll be getting home much later this evening the bastards because it's a much longer trip than usual and I might even have to walk some of it the indignity or there are buses but they'll be rammed and going nowhere fast in traffic jams which'll be hell it'd be quicker to walk except I live miles out it might even take an hour on foot I couldn't cope I'd rather spend two hours on a bus

bloody tube strike replace them all with robots I say those automated trains can't come soon enough I mean who needs people they're essentially driverless already so these people get paid thousands to press the occasional button it's a disgrace and OK sometimes there's a problem and the service would grind to a halt without a human hand but most of the time it's money for nothing an idiot could do it and quite frankly I'm jealous of how much they get

bloody tube strike just because they can bring the capital to a halt they think they own the place that's why the unions have too much power it'd be like this every week if that Jeremy Corbyn got in imagine! they should speed up bringing in those laws to make strike action much harder I'd vote for that it's not right they can hold the rest of us to ransom just because they do a crucial difficult repetitive anti-social mind-numbing safety-critical job

bloody tube strike I'm having to work from home today it's hell first of all I get to sleep longer than usual then I get to wander round in my jimjams and maybe open up my work email eventually and perhaps bat one or two messages around to make it look like I'm busy whereas I've got Facebook open on my tablet and I'm watching YouTube and I think This Morning followed by Bargain Hunt I'm sure I'll catch up in the office tomorrow after all it's only August

bloody tube strike and it's not even over anything important it's only a few silly terms and conditions in a contract I mean my private sector employer screwed those out of our workforce years ago so I don't see why anyone else should have the benefit and we've not had a payrise for years so I'd be bloody grateful for two percent and those tube workers probably have decent pensions too we should scrap those and bring the fares down

bloody tube strike they do this every year I'm sick of it I mean once is fine but when you start striking all the time it's just holding the capital to ransom I mean do you know how much money London's lost now? it's billions never a thought for the economy won't you think of all the businesses losing a day's income what happens to all the unsold pop-up street food and more importantly where are all the Jehovah's Witnesses going to stand today?

bloody tube strike bloody selfish monsters they have no idea what world the rest of us are living in there are millions of Londoners working fifteen hours a day and they only do 36 hours a week what a nerve and they have 43 days holiday! I'm self employed and I get nothing so shut up about reducing the quality of your life sheesh I'd love a £500 bonus it would more than make up for running night shifts in perpetuity join the real world people!

bloody tube strike bloody unions fighting for minimum rights and maintaining sufficient staff presence at stations and not scrimping on safety and standing firm against the imposition of unfair shift patterns and championing the interests of their members and these four tube unions never normally agree on anything so there must be something in it and what idiot promised Night Tube before getting the agreement of staff anyway bloody tube strike

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