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 Tuesday, January 26, 2016

In just 100 days time, London goes to the polls to decide who runs City Hall after Boris. Once the master of inactivity has departed, who are we going to get instead and what do they stand for? The four main parties have already chosen their candidates, so I've been digging around their campaign websites (and other media) to see what they've been saying on a variety of issues. Transport, air pollution, housing, jobs and crime are all included, as you'd expect, with key pledges and points of view coerced into tabular form. I've been selective, but hopefully balanced, and used direct quotes where possible. If a box is empty that might be because the candidate's website is thin on the subject, or I've missed something, or they have yet to announce their policy. Did I mention there are still 100 days to go?

Sadiq Khan
Zac Goldsmith
Caroline Pidgeon
Liberal Democrat
Sian Berry
Freeze all TfL fares at 2016 prices for four years.I'll improve the capacity and reliability of London's transport system.Half price fares on Underground, Overground and TFL Rail Services for people travelling by 7.30am.Reduce the number of fare zones to four from next year, and bring in a completely flat fare structure by 2025.
A first-year cut and then a freeze in bus fares, and new ‘Hopper’ bus ticket – valid for any number of journeys in a full hour.The rise of electric cars means that bus lanes will eventually become an unnecessary part of London's transport system.The one-hour London bus ticket has been a prominent proposal of the capital’s Liberal Democrats for at least six years.We’ll also introduce a new ‘ONE Ticket’ that will let you change between any mode of transport on the way to your destination.
If I’m Mayor, the Freedom Pass staysProtect the Freedom Pass  
Government announcement on rail services is a small step in the right direction, but commuters need action now.Bring suburban rail services under the Mayor’s control to increase and improve the service.Pidgeon welcomes TfL takeover of suburban trains. 
Secure a funding deal for Crossrail 2 and review the route to ensure that it helps deliver jobs, regeneration, social inclusion and housing.Ensure the Night Tube goes ahead, start Crossrail 2, and grow the rail network.  
"Boris Johnson was wrong to commit £30 million of London taxpayers’ money to the Garden Bridge. But thanks to my new deal, it looks like Londoners will get the best of both worlds.""I accept that it's costly, but in the context of the TfL budget, in the context of the vast amounts of TfL waste, I think this is a project we can justify.""There is something iffy about the whole thing. If I became mayor I would withdraw funding from it and be looking very carefully at the whole project.""It would not get a penny from the transport budget - as a grant or a loan - if I were Mayor. I favour more foot and cycle crossings in the areas where they are desperately needed, such as Rotherhithe and North Greenwich."
» Champion new measures to encourage cycling and walking, while also making them safer.
» More cycle storage in commercial and residential areas, and more emphasis on making junctions and key routes safer for cyclists and pedestrians.
Encourage safer cyclingIt is simply shameful that year after year TfL have repeatedly spent just a fraction of their allocated budget on vital improvements to junctions and investing in cycling infrastructure.» Make space on the roads for safe cycling, walking, play and all kinds of things that aren’t cars.
» Aim to spend 10 per cent of TfL's capital budget on cycling and walking infrastructure.
Create the longest pedestrianised shopping area in Europe by pedestrianizing Oxford Street.Oxford Street is an air quality disaster at the moment and I think it’s very antisocial for people who work and use Oxford Street to have a great train of buses there.We are calling for Oxford Street to be fully pedestrianised by 2020.As for Oxford Street, Berry wants to change it "radically" by introducing a shuttle tram.
Launch a feasibility study for the reduction of energy consumption on the public transport network.» We won't get cleaner air unless London stops stalling on electric cars - which have zero exhaust emissions.
» Create an integrated electric charging network for London.
» Ambitious plans for a 'Boris Bike' equivalent for electric cars.
A big switch towards zero emission electric buses and taxis, not diesel hybrids, is now vital in London.We will clean London’s air and make this a healthy city for children to grow up in and communities to play in, and we want travel in London to be a joy, not a burden.
Consult on expanding the proposed Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) to all of Zones 1 and 2, and out along primary commuter routes.Tackle air pollution with tougher rules on HGVs.» Introduce a special charge for the most polluting diesel vehicles coming into central London to help improve our City's air quality.
» Bring forward the start date of the Ultra Low Emission Zone.
» Introduce a peak-time ban on HGVs in central London.
A replacement to the creaking Congestion Charge, covering all of London not just a small central zone, should start consultation as soon as the next mayor takes over, with a set of fair new charges based on three principles: how far you drive, how polluting your vehicle is, and the time of day.
Sadiq will campaign against the proposed third runway, and in favour of a second runway at GatwickZac has campaigned continuously to oppose a 3rd runway at Heathrow airport, which would create huge noise and air pollution particularly for local residents.We need a better run Heathrow, not a bigger Heathrow.» No to all new runways in London – at Gatwick not just Heathrow.
» Transform London City Airport into a new quarter for homes and businesses.
» Sadiq will preserve our green spaces and aim to plant two million trees by 2020.
» I want London eventually to be a zero-carbon city.
» Protect the green belt from development.
» Create more green spaces and cleaning up local parks so they are safe to visit and enjoy.
» Support housing associations in their plans to ensure a minimum of 80,000 new homes a year.
» 50 per cent affordable housing target for new developments.
» Establish a London-wide not-for-profit lettings agency to promote longer-term, stable tenancies.
» A new form of affordable housing, with rent based on a third of average local income, not market rates.
» If elected Mayor, I'll start fixing London's housing crisis.
» Double home building to 50,000 a year by 2020 and ensuring development is in keeping with the local area.
» Ensuring a significant proportion of all new homes are only for rent and not for sale.
» Retain the Olympic Precept at £20 a year and convert it into a Housing Precept. This "Olympic Housing" effort will enable us to access £2 billion of funds. We can build 50,000 new council homes and 150,000 homes for private rent and sale.
» The government’s plan to extend the right to buy to housing association tenants will be an incredibly expensive policy as well as undermining the viability of the whole housing association sector.
» I pledge not to demolish estates in London if I’m elected. It’s almost always much better to improve than to knock down communities.
» The GLA’s closed fire and police stations (currently under-occupied by property guardians) to be offered for emergency accommodation for refugees while we find permanent homes through councils.
As Mayor, I'll crack down on overseas investors buying up new homes before Londoners.Giving Londoners the first chance to buy new homes built in London - any homes built on mayoral land will only be sold to Londoners.  
» Only companies paying the London Living Wage will be awarded public sector contracts.
» Protect 'incubator' and start-up spaces from the threat of redevelopment.
» I'll set up a new Business Advisory Board - half the board will be women business leaders.
Zac Goldsmith is backing vital action to protect London commuters from politically-motivated strikes by trade unions. » By tackling wage inequality and investing in new jobs, we will transform working life in London to make it rewarding, creative, and deliver a decent wage for all.
» The government’s failure to protect business space in London from conversion to residential property is putting increasing pressure on supply of affordable office spaces.
» A zero-tolerance approach to hate crimes.
» Recruit more police from BAME communities and drive down unnecessary use of stop and search.
» Tougher community payback for those caught with knives.
» Protect neighbourhood police teams and keeping them on the street.
» Tackle the root causes of crime in local communities.
» Put more police on public transport at night.
I urge the Mayor not to proceed with the scrapping of all 1000 Police Community support officers.We want Londoners to be secure in their homes. To feel that they are part of a community that they can enjoy, shape, and design, and afford to live in.
We have the best arts & culture in the world, but it’s out of reach for too many Londoners.All paid for without increasing Mayoral council tax.I call on English Heritage to work with Greenwich Council to ensure that a blue plaque is erected near to Emily Davison’s birthplace in Blackheath.Join me to give London back to Londoners.

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