diamond geezer

 Thursday, June 16, 2016

Vote Leave and take back control It'd be a leap in the dark
We give £350m a week to Europe That's misleading and you know it is
We could build a new hospital a week on that But you won't
Imagine how bad it'll be when Turkey joins Turkey's not joining
Rising from the ashes, we will conquer the world! No, we'll crash and burn
Voting Leave is a huge risk Nonsense, it'll all be fine
We won't be able to do a decent trade deal with the EU Don't be so negative
The NHS will lose large numbers of staff if we leave You're just scaremongering
The economy will tank It's just Project Fear
Not a single economic institution supports Brexit I think we've all had enough of experts
The EU is wasteful, greedy and bullying It helps more than it hinders
Unfettered immigration could change the UK forever So could Brexit
Public services are cracking under immigration Government policy, more like
We'll be able to decide our own laws! We already do that
We'll be able to control our own borders! Like we already do
90% of economists say leaving would damage growth Balderdash!
The TUC says the average weekly wage would fall £38 Poppycock!
The CBI think that 950,000 UK jobs could be lost What do they know?
We'd have less influence outside the EU Rubbish, we'd have more
Brexit will hit the low paid the hardest We're already low paid, thanks
The EU superstate threatens us all The last 40 years haven't been so bad
EU regulations bring unnecessary bureaucracy They protect workers' rights
EU citizens are filling our hospitals and our schools A lot of them are nurses and teachers
The European Court rules our entire legal system Better them than Michael Gove
Immigration has taken our jobs Austerity has made us poor
EU laws help to cut air pollution Bloody EU interference!
Workers' rights could be scrapped Bloody EU red tape!
Brexit would mean deep spending cuts and tax rises It can't get any worse
The EU would still make us sign up to harsh trade rules That just shows how awful they are
Why risk our economic security by leaving Europe? We're proud to be British
The Remain camp are talking this country down Being realistic, more like
A proud Britain will be able to do its own trade deals Worse deals than we have now
Unless we leave, we'll end up like Greece If we leave, we might end up like Greece
The EU migrant crisis is out of control We've hardly taken in any migrants
Brexit is a great way to snub the PM No, it'll hand power to the right wing
Britain is stronger, safer and better off in Europe Half my local high street is Polish shops
Leaving the EU is Britain's biggest single risk I don't want foreigners taking my job
Immigrants pay more in than they take out But they're foreign, send them home
Billions will be wiped off business if we Brexit We can pay billions to the NHS instead
We'd lose the economic benefits that the EU brings A new hospital every week, think on that
Most UK laws are made in Brussels You're making this up
Our open borders allow terrorists to come here You're preying on people's basest fears
By 2020 you'll have a foreigner living nextdoor You're scaremongering
We can have our proper British light bulbs back You're insane
We must take back full sovereignty And become irrelevant
Being in the EU saves your family £350 a year Being in the EU costs us £350m a week
The EU is a net benefit to everyone in the UK They banned straight bananas, you know
There'll be no going back if we vote to leave Excellent!
Yeah, but economic disaster Yeah, but immigrants
It would be senseless to leave It would be lunacy to stay

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