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 Wednesday, November 30, 2016

It's the other people I don't like.

They do things differently, the other people.

Have you seen some of the different things the other people do?

I don't like the way other people behave. We've been doing things one way for years and they come along and do things a different way, and it's just not right.

I don't understand the other people. How could anyone want to do the things they do? It's different, and it's wrong, and it disturbs me.

They make me uncomfortable, the other people. I don't like the idea of them doing their different things, and what's worse, doing them quite so close to where I live.

They worry me, the other people. They do these different things that I don't like, and I worry that one day they'll want everyone to do them, because that's their ultimate aim, it always is.

We didn't used to have this problem with the other people doing these things, back when the other people weren't around to do them. Let's be up front, I preferred things how they were, and I bet you did too.

What's more the other people can't see that doing these different things is wrong, they just carry on like doing these things is perfectly normal, whereas in fact it's different.

We should tell the other people they're not welcome being different, that'd stop them doing the things they do. If we all tell them I'm sure they'll get the message, loud and clear.

We'd be a lot happier, and a lot safer, if the other people weren't doing these different things they do.

The other people want to change the things we do, forcing their way of life on ours, and I'm not having it. We should force them to do things our way before they force us to do things theirs.

The other people always stick together. I see them out together, doing their different things, and I don't like it.

I'm proud not to be one of the other people. I bet you're proud not to be one of the other people too. We should stick together.

How dare the other people do things differently to us? It offends me. We should stop the other people doing things differently, it's only right.

We'd be better off if it wasn't for the other people. If we got rid of all the other people doing their different things I'm sure we'd all be better off, in fact I know we would.

We'd have better prospects if the other people weren't being different, if only they went away. The other people are getting in the way of us doing things better, and that's not right.

The other people and their different ways are a threat that must be stopped. The other people are a danger to us all.

So say no to doing different things, say no to being different.

Together we can stop the other people from doing different things. They'll still be the other people, but they won't be doing different things, so that'll be much better.

We must all clamp down on these other people doing different things. Let's focus our efforts on preventing difference, and join together in this uplifting righteous cause.

And then let's turn our attention to the other people doing other things differently.

They do things differently, the other people.

It's always the other people I don't like.

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