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 Sunday, February 05, 2017

07:00 I have to work from home today.
07:01 I try never to work at the weekend, but there's a deadline tomorrow morning which has to be met. Yes, I should have fitted this work in last week, but last week was busy. I could get up really early tomorrow but there's no guarantee I'd get everything sorted before the deadline. So I'm doing it today. And you're my distraction.
08:13 Obviously I've overslept.
08:20 I'm sure there's time for a cup of tea while I catch up on all the global angst that's been happening while I slept.
08:47 And some breakfast. And maybe a bath.
09:29 Still faffing online.
09:30 I could probably have all this work finished by lunchtime if I knuckled down and stopped faffing, but I'm at home rather than in an office so there's nobody eyeing me disapprovingly.
09:54 Have got round to opening the folder with the work in.
09:58 Making another cup of tea.
10:24 Chatting to a friend about railway stations in a separate window.
10:33 Excellent, that's one twelfth of the work completed, apart from the classification bit I've got to come back and check at the end.
10:55 I bought a bunch of daffodils on Friday. They're coming into bloom nicely.
11:24 The second of the twelve things is a right pain. Checking Twitter instead.
11:47 At least the weather's a bit meh. There's nothing worse than working from home at the weekend when outside looks far more appealing.
12:18 If I stopped doing this quite so conscientiously, I could be finished soon. Instead, nowhere near.
12:45 Making another cup of tea. I ought to be making lunch, but I recognise that would be a massive distraction.
12:52 Briefly diverted by a reminder that today is the 5th of February, which requires listening to this song.
13:08 Heavily distracted by lunch. Reminding myself that breaking for lunch is perfectly legitimate, even when the morning's work has been intermittent.
13:29 One good thing about keeping an eye on social media all through the morning is that there isn't as much to catch up on over lunch.
13:46 Definitely working again.
13:47 I'm over halfway now.
13:48 If only I'd knuckled down earlier I could have been off out doing something by now.
13:49 No really, definitely working, and not just updating the blog.
14:11 In news from The Count, my Becks total for this month is already higher than the combined total for the last four Februaries (which may be a contributory factor to why I haven't finished this work yet).
14:35 Probably time for another cup of tea.
14:52 A lot of people out there appear to be enjoying their Sunday more than I am.
15:03 Bopping along to a classic 80s soundtrack while I work - another advantage over the office.
15:21 That's all the stuff looked at, now all I need to do is the classification bit. Nobody else likes doing the classification bit, so whereas I should just be checking it, I've got several gaps to fill in.
15:23 Faffing around with some photos instead.
16:04 On a 'normal' day's work I might have been packing up and going home now, but no, I'm still engaged with something I could have finished hours ago. There again, I haven't got to waste any time going home, and I was still asleep at the time I might normally have got into the office :)
16:20 Might be overdoing the tea now.
16:37 OK, done. Hurrah! However, because I'm at home I still have to do that thing where you send all the documents through the ether to reach the filing system that only works in the office. So that'll be several more minutes.
16:49 And finally I have to write the email that announces I've done everything, rather than turning round to someone and telling them.
16:56 Sorted. At precisely sunset. Meh.
17:00 Now all I have to do is write you a post for tomorrow. Back to normal...

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