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 Monday, April 17, 2017

What I did on Easter Monday for the last 40 years

Monday 11th April 1977: My cough still hadn't gone away. Watched Batman on TV. My BCG scab fell off.
Monday 27th March 1978: Dragged into school to an all day orchestra rehearsal. Watched Blakes 7 on TV, the episode where they find Orac.
Monday 16th April 1979: Staying with my German exchange partner in Germany. We didn't go out all day. Had frankfurters for tea and played a board game.

Monday 7th April 1980: Staying with my French exchange partner near Paris. Went for a bike ride in a forest, despite me being absolutely hopeless on a bike.
Monday 20th April 1981: My brother arrived home from French exchange with a suntan and a plastic thing that mooed like a cow. Did some O Level revision.
Monday 12th April 1982: Had leftover turkey with chips and salad for lunch. Disney Time was introduced by Jimmy Tarbuck. Did some maths homework.
Monday 4th April 1983: It snowed before I woke up. Watford beat Luton five two. On Radio 1 Gary Davies broadcast live from the Ideal Home Exhibition.
Monday 23rd April 1984: Nextdoor put up a Vote Conservative sign in the front garden. Tonight's Dave Allen holiday special on BBC1 was a repeat.
Monday 8th April 1985: Mum did the washing because it was Monday. On Brookside Edna Cross just failed to win a six horse accumulator.
Monday 31st March 1986: Last day of the GLC. Spent the day with my uncle and auntie in Epping. Every mouthful of her soup was an agony.
Monday 20th April 1987: Ate a Creme Egg. Did some work in my bedroom listening to Radio 1 in stereo. Mum did the ironing watching Quo Vadis on BBC2.
Monday 4th April 1988: My cough still hadn't gone away. Watched Batman on TV. Also the last ever episode on Crossroads, driving off into the sunset.
Monday 27th March 1989: Three septuagenarian ladies came round to admire the garden, drink tea, look through the family photo albums and play whist.

Monday 16th April 1990: My uncle and cousins came over to spend the day with us. Played with Lego and looked through the family photo albums.
Monday 1st April 1991: Spotted the April Fools joke on Ceefax. My grandmother was taken ill and rushed off to hospital where she eventually stabilised.
Monday 20th April 1992: Read Good Omens. Beef for lunch, but Mum thought it was lamb when she took it out of the freezer.
Monday 12th April 1993: My brother, his fiancée, that uncle and my cousins came round to spend the day, talk about sport and do some tapestry.
Monday 4th April 1994: It rained, which then turned to snow for 45 minutes. Disney Time was introduced by Sarah Greene.
Monday 17th April 1995: A cockroach crept across the bedstead. Rode a camel round a volcanic crater. Rang parents from a phone box in Lanzarote.
Monday 8th April 1996: Woke up at half past eleven. Played peekaboo with 18 month-old nephew. Sister-in-law eight months pregnant and feverish.
Monday 31st March 1997: Honey Nut Loops for breakfast. Sat nephew in front of the first episode of Teletubbies. Went out to look at the Hale-Bopp comet.
Monday 13th April 1998: Visited National Trust properties in Cornwall. In the nursing home, Other Half's grandmother got the photo albums out.
Monday 5th April 1999: It was my turn to drive. Massive argument with Other Half at the car boot sale. Stuck in jam outside the garden centre.

Monday 24th April 2000: Chose not to pay extra for the hotel breakfast. Train home from London to Suffolk. Watched Galaxy Quest at the cinema.
Monday 16th April 2001: Pork chops for dinner. My fingernail was growing back. I'd brought some work home, which I successfully distracted myself from.
Monday 1st April 2002: Egg hunt for the nephews and niece in the garden. At lunch, niece not keen on eating carrots. Christmas pudding to follow.
Monday 21st April 2003: Completed the Easter jumbo prize crossword. Walked to Tesco, but forgot £1 for a trolley so had to get a basket.
Monday 12th April 2004: Climbed Twin Peaks. Visited the San Francisco Cable Car Museum. To the theatre for An Evening with Carol Channing.
Monday 28th March 2005: Helped push a wheelchair round Wroxham Barns. Nephew and niece reticent to feed the animals on the Juniors Farm.
Monday 17th April 2006: Climbed bendy Lombard Street. Saw the seals at Fishermans Wharf. Rode cablecars. Jetlag kicked in after pizza.
Monday 9th April 2007: Egg hunt for the nephews and niece in the B&B garden. Driven from Skegness round the Wolds. Very bad at beach cricket.
Monday 24th March 2008: Day trip to Rutland. Saw the Oakham horseshoes. Chilly boat trip on the reservoir to the half-drowned church.
Monday 13th April 2009: To the Art Show in the village hall. Dad wondered whether to enter next year. The last time Mum baked me a lemon meringue pie.

Monday 5th April 2010: Located General Roy's cannon outside Heathrow. Watched Kickass at the cinema. Salmon out of a can for tea.
Monday 25th April 2011: Walked to Ivinghoe Beacon. Enjoyed the blubells at Ashridge. Extended hike to see the quagga in Tring.
Monday 9th April 2012: Rained all day. Failed to find a Titanic survivor's grave in Chadwell Heath. More success in Golders Green.
Monday 1st April 2013: Temperature barely scraped five degrees. Walked London Loop section 7. Visited Little Holland House. Watched Broadchurch.
Monday 21st April 2014: Unimpressed by The Feast of St George in Trafalgar Square. Trip out to Bekonscot model village to play with trains.
Monday 6th April 2015: Day trip to sunny Bournemouth. Walked the coast from Boscombe Pier to Branksome Chine. First 99 cornet of the year.
Monday 28th March 2016: Storm Katie blew through. Cold turkey and jacket potato for lunch. Nephew gave me a lift back to the station in his new car.

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