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 Monday, November 27, 2017

I like this.

It's a simple diagrammatic map of London's boroughs, based on a template knocked up by datafolk at the Greater London Assembly.

It even has the river in the right place.

If you don't like the template, and you would have set the squares out differently, or used different three-letter codes, here's a special comments box for you. Your grumbles won't have any effect, and are ultimately pointless, but I know some of you like to get these things off your chest. comments:

The really clever bit is a special Excel spreadsheet which allows anyone to create a map using any data they like, with colours to match.

Here's a map I've created showing the estimated population of London's boroughs in 2017.

If you think the population information is quite interesting, here's a comments box for that. comments:

And here's a version I've drawn up with the borough names extra-big.

So let's have a puzzle.

Can you trace a path through all 33 boroughs, edge to edge, without visiting any of them twice?

I'm sure you can see clearly where you'd have to start and where you'd have to end.

I tackled the problem by copying the jpg to a Paint program and drawing a line on it.
You might prefer using this ticky-box version.
Without revealing too much, tell us how you get on. comments:

9am update: Before you get too engrossed, alas, I can tell you that it's not possible.

If you think you can prove it's impossible, here's a comments box for you. comments:

But it is possible to pass through 32 boroughs without a repeat.

Next question, which borough gets missed out?

For example, it is possible to pass through all the boroughs except Sutton.
See if you can manage that.

And I think there are three other boroughs you can skip, and still visit the other 32. Which three? comments:

Noon update: Finally, here's a slightly tweaked map.

I've used full borough names, rather than abbreviations, just for a change.

I've deleted the City of London, because that's not officially a London borough.

And I've nudged Sutton into the row above, because
a) it's not the southernmost borough in London
b) it makes for a better puzzle

Can you trace a path through all 32 boroughs, edge to edge, without visiting any of them twice?

Here's a ticky-box version, if that helps.
This time it is possible, starting (obviously) in Enfield.

But where do you end up? (there are five possible endpoints)

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