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 Wednesday, April 06, 2016

In one month's time, once all the votes have been counted, London will have a new Mayor. The twelve candidates are known, and hustings are well underway, with transport, air pollution, housing, jobs and crime all proving to be key issues. With the manifestos now published, I've had another go at coercing the main candidates' policies and pledges into tabular form. I've been selective, but hopefully balanced, and used direct quotes throughout. A big choice awaits - will it be more of the same or something very different?

Sadiq Khan
Zac Goldsmith
Caroline Pidgeon
Liberal Democrat
Sian Berry
London is the greatest city in the world. But we are at a crossroads.London needs a Mayor with plans that can be delivered and who can work with the Government to fund them.I am the only mayoral candidate with the experience of working in City Hall to improve the lives of all Londoners.As Green Mayor I’ll bring the voice of Londoners into City Hall.
• Tackle the housing crisis, building thousands more homes for Londoners each year.
• Set an ambitious target of 50 per cent of new homes being genuinely affordable.
• Homes to buy where we can give Londoners first dibs – building on brownfield public land.
• Get a better deal for renters.
• Double home building to 50,000 a year by 2020.
• Ensure development is in keeping with the local area.
• Give Londoners the first chance to buy new homes built in London.
• Ensure a significant proportion of all new homes are only for rent and not for sale.
• Continue the Olympic Games precept to build 50,000 council homes to rent and 150,000 for sale or private rent.
• Crack down on rogue landlords by extending mandatory registration and offering long tenancies.
• Half of housing in new developments should be affordable for the majority of Londoners.
• 200,000 new homes, half of them built affordably by smaller developers, communities and housing associations.
• Renters’ rights supported, with a London Renters Union and a push for rent controls.
• Create a not-for-profit housing company.
• Freeze London transport fares for four years.
• Introduce a one-hour bus ‘Hopper’ ticket, paid for by making TfL more efficient.
• Explore new revenue-raising opportunities.
• Londoners won’t pay a penny more for their travel in 2020 than they do today.
• I will not make reckless spending pledges that will undermine the central nervous system that London relies on.
• Protect the Freedom Pass for the entire Mayoral term.
• Half price tube, DLR and TfL Overground fares before 7.30am.
• A one-hour bus ticket.
• ‘Oysterise’ the Cable Car.
• Review all the fare zones across London so passengers are not disadvantaged.
• Fair fares for commuters, with lower costs for outer London.
• Flat fares by 2025.
• Change between buses and trains without paying extra.
• Increase the proportion of TfL budget spent on cycling.
• Get Crossrail 2 off the ground.
• Prioritise delivery of new river crossings in the east of the city.
• Maintain the Congestion Charge at its current level.
• Make cycling and walking safer, with more segregated cycle routes, action on dangerous junctions, and safer lorries.
• Keep London moving by increasing capacity on key underground lines.
• Take over substandard suburban rail services.
• Conduct an urgent review into the outer London bus network.
• Stand up to the union bosses in order to prevent unjustified strikes.
• Work with Government to secure the transport links needed to unlock more than 270,000 homes and 250,000 jobs for Londoners.
• Complete the upgrade of all the Tube lines.
• Deliver the Overground extension to Barking Riverside.
• Develop plans for additional tram, tube and rail services in areas currently under-served by public transport.
• Seek to ensure the impact on London of HS2 is minimised.
• Seek to take over supervision of metro services.
• Cut wasteful projects by Transport for London.
• Create people-friendly streets, with big ticket projects in every borough to support walking and cycling.
• Recognise that taxis help fill the gaps in public transport and reduce the need to own a car.
• Reinstate the road user hierarchy, putting pedestrians and those with disabilities at the top and private car travel at the bottom of priorities for schemes such as junction improvements.
• Oppose a third runway at Heathrow and make the case for a second runway at Gatwick.
• Restore London’s air quality to legal and safe levels, with action to make travel greener and pedestrianise Oxford Street, while protecting the green belt.
• Make London the first ‘National Park City’.
• Revive plans to part-pedestrianise Parliament Square.
• Introduce Clean Bus Corridors.
• Complete the Thames Path.
• Ensure Heathrow expansion stays absolutely off the table.
• Protect the green belt from development.
• Tackle air pollution with tougher rules on HGVs, and by cleaning up London’s taxi and bus fleet.
• Create more green spaces and clean up local parks so they are safe to visit and enjoy.
• Crackdown on fly-tipping and litter.
• A cross-London recycling guarantee.
• Roll out clean car infrastructure across London.
• Oppose the expansion of existing London airports at Heathrow, Gatwick and City.
• Bring in a new congestion zone around Heathrow.
• Protect school playing fields from being built over.
• Roll out solar across 200,000 London rooftops by 2025.
• Switch London’s buses and taxis to fully electric and help to switch commercial vans too.
• Cut congestion by charging extra for non-essential workplace parking in central London.
• No new runways at Heathrow or Gatwick.
• Close City Airport to build a new quarter for London.
• A not-for-profit London Energy Company, to compete with the ‘Big 6’ and power Crossrail.
• End the crisis of filthy air, bringing pollution below legal limits by 2020 at the latest.
• Get the most polluting vehicles off the road, and switch all buses and taxis to zero emissions.
• Fair charges on motoring, to reduce congestion and pollution and help pay for public transport.
• Make London safer, with action to restore neighbourhood policing, tackle gangs and knife crime.
• A plan to tackle the spread of extremism.
• A review of the resourcing of our fire service.
• Make London a fairer and more tolerant city, open and accessible to all, and one in which all can live and prosper free from prejudice.
• Tackle extremist ideology at source with a new Integration Test for any public spending.
• Guarantee that the Met’s entire force of 32,000 officers is safeguarded for the full Mayoral term, and prioritise neighbourhood policing.
• Intelligence-led use of stop and search.
• Double the number of armed response vehicles in London.
• Recruit 3,000 more police on the streets, focused on transport hot-spots.
• Bring back local policing, tackling gangs.
• More visible neighbourhood policing.
• Pledge to sell the three water cannons which the Mayor so unwisely bought.
• Focus more police time on community policing, tackling hate crime and supporting young people.
• Involve communities in addressing extremism, rethinking the flawed and discriminatory Prevent strategy.
• Be the most pro-business Mayor yet, working in partnership with industry to deliver on skills, infrastructure, and growth.• Work with local and central government to get the best possible deal for business.
• Help London’s businesses develop from start-ups to scale-ups.
• Caroline is leading the campaign to keep London in Europe and at the heart of the European Market.
• A City Hall building company and a skills academy to train construction workers.
• Bring Londoners into City Hall’s decision making, and kick out big business lobbyists.
• Create a Bank for London to support small businesses and the local economy.
• Use planning powers to stop the loss of arts and music venues.
• Set up ‘Skills for Londoners’ to ensure all Londoners have the opportunity to train in the skills that our economy needs.
• Tackle low pay, working with employers to make London a Living Wage City.
• Champion a more outcome-based approach to skills devolution.
• Fight to carve off a portion of skills funding to nurture direct access for younger and disadvantaged Londoners to the creative industries.
• Train more young people in the skills of the future.
• Grow job opportunities in digital technologies.
• Create local enterprise zones.
• Oppose conversion of vital business premises to luxury flats.
• Put data science at the heart of decision making in City Hall.
• Fight for the London Living Wage for the one in five working Londoners who are still paid less.
• Challenge gender inequality, working to close the gender pay gap.
• Support women to break the glass ceiling while helping to remove the barriers to women’s success.
• Ensure talented parents stay in the workforce.• More flexible childcare in the morning and evening.
• More after school clubs.
• More trained child minders to help get parents back into work.
• A good school place of choice for every child, taking over responsibility from central government for London’s school places and quality
• Appoint a London Schools Commissioner to lead improvements.
I’ll be a Mayor for all Londoners.All paid for without increasing Mayoral council tax.It is time for a Liberal London that works for everyone.
There is no better city to start changing the world than London.
[manifesto][action plan][manifesto][manifesto]

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